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General information

Earth's Endangered Creatures

Endangered Earth

Evolutionarily Distinct & Globally Endangered (EDGE)

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Search for Lost Species @ GWC



    · "a population database and crowdfunding platform aimed at preventing extinction in the wild

        and preserving the diversity of life on Earth.  Powered entirely by volunteers, WikiPop highlights

        species populations and connects you with vetted organizations on the ground who are making

        a difference for individual species."


Endangered Species & Wetlands Report

     · Stopped publication in 2015, but a sources of historical information.

Institutions focusing on endangered species & extinction prevention

Alliance for Zero Extinction

Endangered Species Coalition

Endangered Wildlife Trust

Veterinary Initiative for Endangered Wildlife (VIEW)

Loss of genetic diversity & conservation genetics

     · See also Genetic resources, bioprospecting & ABS

27 Organizations Working to Conserve Seed Biodiversity @ Food Tank

Coalition for Conservation Genetics (CCG)

Conservation Genetics Working Group (CGWG)

Genetic Composition Working Group @ GEO BON

Genetic diversity @ Wikipedia

Genetic diversity loss & causes @ York University

Low genetic variation @ Evolution

Revive & Restore

Biodiversity loss: Genetic erosion, endangered species & extinction

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