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General information

Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting: Bibliography @ Urban Wildlands Group

     · Dated, but useful historical annotated references

Information About Sea Turtles: Threats from Artificial Lighting @ Sea Turtle Conservancy

Initiative for an international association of dark-sky parks

Let's talk about light pollution [UBC blog]

Lights out @ Audubon

Light pollution @ Globe at Night

Light pollution @ National Geographic

Light pollution and why it matters @ Hill Country Alliance

Lighting @ Bat Conservation Trust

     Reference List on light pollution

Light Vulnerability Map

The Problems of Light Pollution @ Florida Atlantic University Astronomical Observatory

Why Light Pollution Matters and What We Can Do about It @ Massachusetts Medical Society


     Dark-sky preserve

     Light pollution

International initiatives

Taking action to reduce light pollution [motion] @ IUCN

Governmental initiatives

Dark Skies Initiative @ USFWS


International Dark-Sky Assocation (IDA)

Select readings

Introduction of artificial light at night increases the abundance of predators, scavengers, and parasites in arthropod communities.

     · 2023

     · Brown, Jeffrey A, Julie L Lockwood, Max R Piana, and Caroline Beardsley

     · Iscience 26, no. 3

Environmental impacts of artificial light at night  

     · 2022

     · Gaston, Kevin J., & Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel

     · Annual Review of Environment and Resources 47, 373-398.

Artificial light at night (ALAN) & light pollution

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