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     · Country emissions

       · UN NDC-related initiatives & monitoring tools

         · Other NDC-related initiatives & monitoring tools

           · Transparency/disclosure initiatives

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     · Countries A>Z, as NDCs are implemented at the country level, presumably through domestic national laws.

       · Climate Change Law

Country emissions


     · “We are a community of data and analytical experts, dedicated to providing credible climate

        action information from regions, cities, businesses, investors and civil society. Our mission is

        to use this information to show how the world is transitioning to climate neutrality and resilience

        in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement."

Climate Action Impact Tool @ UNDP

     · ”Assessing climate action contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals"

Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI)

     · “an instrument to enable transparency in national and international climate politics. The CCPI

       uses a standardized framework to compare the climate performance of 59 countries and the EU,

       which together account for 92% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The climate protection

       performance is assessed in four categories: GHG Emissions, Renewable Energy, Energy Use and

       Climate Policy.”

EU National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs)

UN NDC-related initiatives & monitoring tools

United Nations

     All about the NDCs

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

     · NDC Registry

          · INDCs as communicated by parties

                 · This is an older registry of original “Independent NDCs”

     · UNFCCC 2021 Full NDC Synthesis Report

     · NDC Partnership

          · "Launched in 2016 at COP22 in Marrakesh, the NDC Partnership was founded on the idea that  

             technical assistance, expertise, and financing for climate action were not being deployed in

             an effective or coordinated way to maximize efforts towards achieving the goals of the Paris

             Agreement and the SDGs, and that greater support was urgently needed. In response, the NDC

             Partnership was established to facilitate collaboration between country governments,  

             international institutions, non-state actors, and other partners to provide timely support for

             accelerated climate action."

         · Economic Advisory Initiative

         · Climate Watch

               · "Climate Watch is an online platform designed to empower policymakers, researchers, media

                  and other stakeholders with the open climate data, visualizations and resources they need to

                  gather insights on national and global progress on climate change. Climate Watch brings together

                  dozens of datasets for the first time to let users analyze and compare the Nationally Determined

                  Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement, access historical emissions data, discover how

                  countries can leverage their climate goals to achieve their sustainable development objectives

                  and use models to map new pathways to a lower carbon, prosperous future. This free platform

                  enables users to create and share custom data visualizations and comparisons of national climate

                  commitments. It contributes to the goals of the Paris Agreement by using open data to increase

                  transparency and accountability and providing actionable analysis on how countries can enhance

                  their efforts to combat climate change."

UN Development Program (UNDP)

     Climate Promise

          · See link to “Learn how we support NDCs"

UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

     NDC Action Project

Other NDC-related initiatives & monitoring tools

Africa NDC Hub

Care about Climate

     NDC Equity Tracker

Climate Action Tracker (CAT)

     · CAT Climate Target Update Tracker

      · " independent scientific project that tracks government climate action and measures it against

            the globally agreed Paris Agreement aim of "holding warming well below 2°C, and pursuing efforts

         to limit warming to 1.5°C." A collaboration of two organisations, Climate Analytics and New Climate

         Institute, the CAT has been providing this independent analysis to policymakers since 2009."

Climate Resource

     NDC factsheets

iNDC Support Portal


     · NDC Explorer

     · “Research and dialogue for a just and SDG-compatible implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement”

Nairobi Framework Partnership

     NDC-Tracking Workstream

World Bank

     NDC Support Facility


     Planning for NDC Implementation: A Quick-Start Guide

Production Gap Report

World Resources Institute (WRI)


     Open Climate Network (OCN)

Transparency initiatives

Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency


   · Formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project

Climate Transparency

   · Formerly the Climate Transparency Initiative (CTI)

Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT)

Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement

Country emissions & Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)