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Thinking about the Earth...and its many parts

There are many ways to divide up the planet geographically into conceptually digestible chunks. At a large scale, it's commonly done by continent or by region, but each of these can be done multiple ways (yes, even continents, for which 5, 6 or 7 can be the "correct" answer to "how many?"). What you see here will likely change over time as this portion of grows. In the meantime, the careful observer will note some gaping holes in the coverage here...this is very much a work scheduled to be in progress....  

What's in an acre...really?

"Yellowstone National Park is 2.2 million acres."  OK, but what does that mean? To get a sense of landscape scale, see the

Context & conversion chart

🌐 World, poles & ocean geography hub

Topic-specific vs. place-specific information

If, say, you are interested in the topic of “freshwater in Vietnam,” there are three possible pages on that might provide relevant information:

(1) The Vietnam country page, which has a section on freshwater;

(2) the Asia page, which also has a section on freshwater, some of which might be relevant to Vietnam; and

(3) the Freshwater hub page, which links to various pages on freshwater; while these are less likely to have anything specific to Vietnam, they might nonetheless contain useful resources.

Country info

For particular countries, start with the Countries A>Z page