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General information on grants & grantmaking

Confluence Philanthropy

Environmental grants @ GrantWatch

     · A commercial service.

Behind the Scenes: Two Types of Grantmaking Strategies

Council on Foundations

Follow Trends in Environmental Philanthropy

GuideStar Tips for Grant Writing

Associations, networks & philanthropy support institutions

Belmont Forum

     · “Established in 2009, the Belmont Forum is a partnership of funding organizations, international

       science councils, and regional consortia committed to the advancement of transdisciplinary science.

       Themes addressed by CRAs have included Freshwater Security, Coastal Vulnerability, Food Security

       and Land Use Change, Climate Predictability and Inter-Regional Linkages, Biodiversity and Ecosystem

       Services, Arctic Observing and Science for Sustainability, and Mountains as Sentinels of Change.”

Biodiversity Funders Group (BFG)

    · Formerly the Consultative Group on Biological Diversity

Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA)

F20 ~ Foundations Platform

     · “...a network of more than 60 foundations and philanthropic organizations from different parts of

       the world, calling for joint, transnational action towards sustainable development, along positive

       transformation examples to provide pathways towards solutions of today’s most pressing challenges –

       climate change and a just transition towards sustainable development, based on renewable energy.

       F20 wants to be part of the solution and builds bridges between civil society, the business and

       financial sectors, think tanks and politics – within the G20 countries, between them and beyond.”

Global Philanthropy Forum (GPF)

     · Environment

     · Food security

     · Health & nutrition

New Venture FundEnvironment

Directories of granting opportunities

Environmental Grants @ GrantWatch

    · A pay-for service.

Directories of grantmakers

A "master" list of individual funders has been compiled at the Funders, foundations & grantmakers page, but there are many online

   directories offering varying levels of breadth (viz., numbers of individual grantmakers) and depth (viz., information on each particular

   grantmaker), the most prominent of which are listed here.

Big Green, Inc

   · This map-based database is provided by the Institute for Energy Research, which has been identified as a Koch-funded climate change

     denialist organization. IER describes the database as highlighting "a group of foundations that spend billions of dollars supporting

     aggressive climate litigation, the promotion of uneconomic renewable energy sources, and overburdening regulations."

Biodiversity Funders Group (BFG)

     Members & program participants


   · "Foundation Center and GuideStar joined forces to become Candid, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Candid connects people who want to

     change the world to the resources they need to do it.... We’re working on bringing all of our resources together. For now, you can access

     Foundation Center and GuideStar products and services through their websites" [as of June 2019].       

     · Foundation Center Directory Online

     · GuideStar     

          Directory of Charities and Nonprofit Organizations

               Environment & animals

Charity Navigator

     Animals category

     Environment category

Conservation & environmental foundations @ Wikipedia

    · Not a very thorough listing.

Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA)

     Membership Directory

Great Nonprofits

    · Climate change

    · Environment

Taerra Via Grants Directory G

     · “...develops and manages information about grants for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural

        resources in the world's developing countries.”

Government grants

Environmental Education (EE) Grants @ USEPA

Climate change initiatives

Audacious Project

     Climate Solutions

Climate and Land Use Alliance

     · “...a collaborative of foundations that believe forests and sustainable land use are an essential

       part of the global response to climate change.”

Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI)

     · “...mobilizes and channels the creativity, passion, and generosity of philanthropists to address the

       most profound challenge of our time–climate change. We balance rigor with urgency in our work

       to nimbly engage donors with expert insights and tailored giving opportunities that cross-cut issues

       such as health, poverty, food and water, economic justice, and biodiversity, all of which intersect

       with the climate. CLI is not a grantmaking organization. Instead, we source and vet solutions from

       the broader climate community across sectors, geographies, and strategies; and connect philanthropists

       directly to the organizations implementing them. These solutions range from promising early-stage

       ideas to proven opportunities ready for scale.”

ClimateWorks Foundation

Donors of Color

    · Climate Funders Justice Pledge

Hannah Muhlfelder of Brandeis University contributed to this page in 2018.

Funders, foundations & grantmakers ~ Information

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