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Abram, David

Ackerman, Diane

Agyeman, Julian

Alexander, Jane

Ali, Mustafa Santiago

Barber, Aja

Bekoff, Marc

Brannen, Peter

Brower, David

Brown, Nicholas A.

     Prefigurative Park Services (PPS)

Brulle, Robert

Bullard, Robert

     Bullard Center for Environmental & Climate Justice

     Texas Southern University page

     UNEP Champions of Earth page

Butler, Octavia

     Octavia E. Butler Legacy Network

     Octavia's parables

Caldicott, Helen

     1997 Albert Schweitzer Award of Excellence

Carson, Rachel

     Wikipedia entry

     Rachel Carson Homestead

     Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

     Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy

Commoner, Barry

Darwin, Charles

     Darwin Online

Dasmann, Ray

     Guide to the Raymond F. Dasmann papers MS.261

Drutman, Kristy (Browngirl Green)

Ehrlich, Paul

Finney, Carolyn

Gilio-Whitaker, Dina

Gore, Al

Hamilton, Clive

Hansen, James

Harris, Paul G.

Hawken, Paul

Hayhoe, Katherine

Hill, Julia Butterfly

Holthaus, Eric

Kerr, Andy

Kimmerer, Robin Wall

     MacArthur Fellow video on RWK (2 minutes)

     Gifts of the Land: A guided nature tour with RWK (21 minute video)

Klein, Naomi

     This Changes Everything

LaDuke, Winona

Mann, Michael

Maathai, Wangari

     Wangari Maathai Foundation

     Green Belt Movement

     Nobel Prize facts & biography

     UNESCO biography


Marshall, Robert ("Bob")

     Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation

     Today in Conservation entry

     Wilderness Connect entry

     Wikipedia entry

     A Finding Aid to the Robert Marshall Papers

     Wilderness Society

          TWS entry

          Robert Marshall Council

McKibben, Bill

     IMDB page

     News Hour story

     Influence Watch page

Meadows, Donella

     Donella Meadows Project

Molina, Mario

Muir, John

Nabhan, Gary Paul

Olmstead, Frederick Law


          · Celebrating the visionary behind Boston's Emerald Necklace

          · Designing America

Pollan, Michael

Pomerance, Rafe

Rospach, Chuq Von

Rowland, Sherwood

Saro-Wiwa, Ken

Simard, Suzanne

Solnit, Rebecca

Taylor, Dorceta

Thoreau, Henry David (HDT)

     · Also see Walden Pond & Thoreauvian sites

            @ Greater Boston Conservation History Tour


          Thoreau Society

               Thoreau Society Bulletin

          HDT Foundation

     Guides & works:

          HDT Collection @ Concord Museum

          HDT online

          HDT @ Westport Library



          Writings of HDT @ UCSB

     Biographic entries:

          American Transendentalism Web

          Encyclopaedia Brinannica

          Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

          Poetry Foundation

          Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Thunberg, Greta

Watt-Cloutier, Sheila

Williams, Terry Tempest

Worth, Katie

Individuals & citizens

Color key

Individuals highlighted in orange focus on environmental justice (EJ) & Indigenous rights.

Individuals highlighted in yellow have written one or more books directly on the topic of climate change.

Please note that this is a work in progress...


Environmental citizenship [definition]

CivicGreen @ Tufts University


Notable environmentalists @ Wikipedia

Earthshakers: the top 100 green campaigners of all time

    · 2006 listing by The Guardian


     · Based on a random guess that 1/80 people are actively engaged in sustainability, conservation &

       environment, this page should list approximately 100 million individuals. Instead, it contains a

       short, highly eclectic listing of individuals whose names have become prominent in the public  

       sphere. It should not be considered representative of the vast (and growing) number of individuals  

       involved in environmental matters.