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Sonali Anderson of Brandeis University developed this page in 2019.

What is an IO/IGO?

"An IGO is an organization composed primarily of sovereign states, or of other intergovernmental organizations. IGOs are established by treaty or other agreement that acts as a charter creating the group. Examples include the United Nations, the World Bank, or the European Union."*

How is an IO/IGO created?

"The term intergovernmental organization (IGO) refers to an entity created by treaty, involving two or more nations, to work in good faith, on issues of common interest."*

International & intergovernmental organizations (IOs or IGOs)

Contents of this page:

     · Guides & directories

       · IOs & initiatives outside the UN system


     · United Nations (UN)

       · International financial institutions (IFIs)

         · Government-nongovernment organizations, partnerships & networks

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