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         · Opportunities

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International organizations

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons @ UN Sustainable Development Group

LGBT archive site


500 Queer Scientists

   · Visibility platform for LGBTQ+ and allies working in STEM

Institute of Queer Ecology

LGBTQ Outdoor Summit

   · opportunity for conservation leaders, the outdoor recreation community, and environmental groups

     to connect around the status of the LGBTQ community and the outdoors

Out For Sustainability (

Out There Adventures

   · Empowering queer youth to connect with the natural world

Queer Nature

   · Ecological awarness and place based skills for healing marginalized populations

Venture Out Project

    · Bringing together queer people to experience wilderness


Queer Out Doors Job Board

Select readings

8 queer books that explore place, nature & the environment @ Book Riot

Being Queer in the Jungle: The Unique Challenges of LGBTQ Scientists Working in the Field

Diversity: Pride in Science

The LGBTQ+ community: An underappreciated resource in environmental awareness & protection

Pride Month, LGBTQ+ And The Environmental Movement

Queer Environmentalism and Its Impacts on Modern Communities

Transgender Rights Climate Intersectionality

What the Queer Community Brings to the Fight for Climate Justice

Women, LGBTQ and People of Color Adapt to Climate Change


The UK group Stonewall provides a helpful List of LBGTQ+ terms.

FoE: How can I make the environmental movement

more trans and non-binary inclusive?