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     Environmental Justice

NGO directories & listings

UIA Open Yearbook

Environment @ Charity Navigator

     · Gives ratings and information about non-profit charities, helpful when considering donations.

NGO board resources

Most NGOs have a "Board of Directors" (sometimes called a Board of Trustees or just "the Board"),

   which focuses on supporting the organization by fundraising and strategic guidance—along with

   the very speicific task of hiring the organization's leader (usually "Executive Director" or "President").

   The following websites provide resources for effective Board governance.


Foundation Group

Tools & Resources @ NCNP

NGOs supporting the work of other NGOs

There are a sizeable number of organizations out there whose purpose is to enhance the effectiveness

   of NGOs. Many of these are professional consultancies (meaning an NGO pays for the service), while

   others are non-profit organizations themselves (typically meaning that the recipient NGO is receiving

   the help free or at an at-cost rate). A select few of the latter type are listed here:


     · “...a global alliance of civil society organisations and activists dedicated to strengthening citizen action

       and civil society throughout the world.”

Green 2.0

    · Formally the Green Diversity Initiative

    · " initiative dedicated to increasing racial diversity across mainstream environmental NGOs,

     foundations and government agencies. The Green 2.0 working group advocates for data transparency,

     accountability and increased resources to ensure that these organizations increase their diversity.”

Training Resources for the Environmental

     Community (TREC)

Wildfire Project

NGOs, CSOs & NPOs ~ Directories & information


    NGO ~ Nongovernmental organization

    CSO ~ Civil society organization

    NPO ~ Nonprofit organization

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