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Key information, including air quality indices/measurements

Air pollution @ Berkeley Earth

Air Now [USA only]

PurpleAir: Real Time Air Quality Monitoring

State of the Global Air

World's Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality index

     · A global map of air quality that is searchable and exceptionally helpful, this map resource

     is produced by the "World Air Quality Project" based in China.

     · The map is also accessible via a different base URL that opens with a map of Asia.

State of Global Air initiative

General information

Air quality @ UCAR Center for Science Education

BreatheLife 2030

Clean air timeline @ ALA

Glossary of Air Pollution Terms and Abbreviations @

Hazardous air pollutants @ USEPA

International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT)

     How to deal with air pollution during travel

Keeping the Air Clean: A Guide to Air Pollution

     · Commercial website, but useful assortment of info

Tracking the cost of air pollution @ Greenpeace

Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum @ SEI

     · Seems defunct as of 2012


Air pollution @ Wikipedia

News & blogs

Air Quality News

Atmospheric Sciences Blog @ European Geosciences Union

Bliss Air

     · Blog



Atmospheric Environment

Atmospheric Research

Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association

Water, Air, & Soil Pollution

Documentary films

Killer Fog

Cities of Smog

     · Note: halfway throug there is a commercial for a tire store.

Unbreathable: The Fight for Healthy Air

Under the Dome

     · There are a number of versions of this film online; this one seems to have the most useful

       English subtitles. The overarching topic of this film is climate change, but there is extensive

       discussion of air pollution.

Air pollutants ~ Definitions & differentiation

Air pollutant types @ USEPA

Air pollutants @ CDC

Air pollution @ NRDC

Air quality and health: Types of air pollutants @ WHO

Biology LibreTexts: Air Pollution

Acid rain

Acid rain @ Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Acid rain @ National Atmospheric Deposition Program

Acid rain @ National Geographic

Acid rain @ USEPA

Acid rain @ USGS

Canadian Coalition on Acid Rain

     · 1981-1990; link is to archive page.

Symposium: 50 years of acid rain research and control

Indoor air quality

The Ozone Hole

Air pollution & transboundary air pollution (TBAP)

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     · Key information, incluing air quality indices/measurements

       · General information     

         · Explainers

           · News & blogs

             · Periodicals

               · Documentary films

                 · Air pollutants ~ Definitions & differentiation

                   · Acid rain                        

                     · Indoor air quality

Also see:

     · World geography & transboundary regions hub for regional information on TBAP

       · Countries·Nations·States hub for country-specific information on air pollution




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