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Climate change impact categorization schemas

Climate change consequences @ EC

Climate Signals

     · "...a digital science platform for cataloging and mapping the impacts of climate

     change. Currently in open-beta release, the platform is designed to identify the

     chain of connections between greenhouse gas emissions and individual climate


Impacts of climate change @ Sustainability for All

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

     · The IPCC's Working Group II focuses on impacts, and the Table of Contents of its

          various reports provides a useful way of mapping out climate change impacts.

                · Links to 2013/4 report

               · Approved outline of 2021 report

International Climate Impacts @ USEPA [archived site]


The impacts of climate change:

     (1) are extremely varied,

         (2) can be categorized in many different ways, and

              (3) can be difficult to disambiguate from both mitigation and adaptation measures.

Consequently, rather than list the many particular climate change impacts on this page, they

     are integrated into the Climate Change A>Z page (color coded with  I ), while others are

     distributed across several pages (listed immediately below).      

Contents of this page:

     · Climate change impact categorization schemas


       · Extreme weather & flooding page

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