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     · "...Environmental extremes are responsible for thousands of casualties and billions of € in

       damages in Europe annually. Societal risks associated with many of these extremes are poorly

       understood in today’s climate – even more so as climate changes. Knowledge gaps arise from

       the inadequacy of existing models, which are unable to capture keyphysical processes and  

       hence cannot fully incorporate an expanding palette of observations. ExtremeEarth will  

       deliver the methods needed to achieve a step change in simulation accuracy and data

       integration, to allow scientiststo understand the drivers of extremes and application communities

       to anticipate their impact. ExtremeEarth will develop the technologies for a required thousand-fold

       increase in computation, and fundamentally redesign workflows to dynamically expose the full

       information content of a new generation of models and data to users. "

Increased extreme weather events due to climate change @ USNOAA

Institutions ~ NGOs & networks

Communities Responding to Extreme Weather (CREW)

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Extreme Heat Resilience Alliance (EHRA)

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Buy-In Community Planning

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Category 5 hurricanes 1969-2018

Select readings on climate change & extreme weather

     · In reverse chronological order.

Experience of extreme weather affects climate change mitigation and adaptation responses

     · 2016  ~  Demski, C. et al.  ~  Climatic Change

     · Explores how the lived experience of dealing with extreme weather events can influence the salience

       of climate change and change attitudes towards methods of addressing climate change

     · Uses data on people who have experienced flooding and then turned to support more climate

       change-oriented policies, even ones not directly related to flooding

Attribution of extreme weather and climate-related events

     · 2015  ~  Stott, Peter A, et. al.   ~  WIREs Climate Change

     · Focuses on potential weaknesses in reliability of event attribution studies and how to address them

     · Discusses how event attribution studies can be applied to stakeholders or to making decisions at a state level

Human Contribution to the European Heatwave of 2003  

     · 2004  ~  Stott, P., Stone, D. & Allen, M.  ~  Nature

     · Regarded as one of the first official endeavors into event attribution studies

     · Discusses how anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions increased risk of an extreme weather event (heatwave) occurring

The potential impacts of climate variability and change on health impacts of extreme weather events in the United States

     · 2001  ~  G. Greenoughet al.  ~  Environmental Health Perspectives

     · Emphasizes the ways state infrastructure and human health are influenced and affected by extreme weather events

     · Discusses resource allocation methods and planning for extreme weather events on a national level

Trends in Extreme Weather and Climate Events: Issues Related to Modeling Extremes in Projections of Future Climate Change

     · 2000 ~  Gerald A. Meehl et al.  ~  Bulletin of the American Meteorological Association

     · Important resource detailing changes in extreme weather using future climate modeling computations

     · Acts as warning for need to change infrastructure to deal with extreme weather events

Extreme weather & flooding

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