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         · Select readings on greenwashing & climate change  

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Private sector associations initiatives, & networks

Adaptation Private Sector Initiative (PSI) @ UNFCCC

Business Council on Climate Change (BC3)

Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC)

Climate Pledge

Initiative for Coffee & Climate (C&C)

Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI)

Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

We Mean Business Coalition

Private sector companies, advisory firms & consultants

     · Also see the Private, commercial & for-profit sector page.

Advanced Engine Systems Institute

ATMOS Research and Consulting


Carbon Cap Management LLP

Carbon Trust



Clear View Energy Partners LLC

Climate Focus

Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC)

Climate Risk Analysis

Climate Resource



Cotocon Group


Element Markets

Energy Innovation

Global Efficiency Intelligence

Gravity Climate



McKinsey & Co.

     Climate Change

Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI)

Option Zero

Rhodium Group

Sterling Planet


     Stripe Climate


Select readings on greenwashing & climate change

     · In reverse chronological order

Eco-Hustle! Global Warming, Greenwashing, and Sustainability

     · 2015, Bruce E. Johansen, ABC-CLIO

     · Author argues that “greenwashing” as he defines it, is the “environmental sleight of hand” as shown

        by technology and advertising in certain “green” practices that are not sustainable.

     · Examines sanctioned activities and common forms of advertising that report being ‘environmentally

       responsible’, which evidently all tend to be false.

     · Provides real-world examples of the companies that are taking sustainable measures for the environment.

Greenwashing Consumption: The Didactic Framing of ExxonMobil’s Energy Solutions

     · 2012, Emily Plec and Mary Pettenger, Environmental Communication

     · Examination of false claims of corporate green advertising campaigns promoting environmental sustainability

        through their products and manufacturing processes.

     · Exxon Mobil’s recent corporate green television advertising, “Energy Solutions” uses a greenwashed

        framework that promotes a misleading message about solutions tied to consumerism.    

     · Calls for green frames that will help consumers understand and examine the ecological integrity

        of all means of production that will promote environmental awareness. 

Green Marketing: Reality or Greenwashing

     · 2013, Ramesh Kumar and Rakesh Kumar, Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

     · Analysis of green marketing tactics used by companies that proclaim to be environmentally safe.  

     · Analysis of the misleading advertising effects of greenwashing for customers who are being

        tricked with false advertising about the environmental benefits.

     · Analysis of the companies that are unwilling to make commitments to green initiatives.  

Greenwashing gas: Might a ‘transition fuel’ label legitimize carbon-intensive natural gas development?

     · 2012, Eleanor Stephenson, Alexander Doukas, and Karen Shaw, Energy Policy 

     · Analyses industry attempt to frame natural gas development for its climate change policy

       with “transition fuel” and “climate solutions” labels on their gas development. 

     · Argues that the company’s policy makers should remove the false characterizations of natural gas.

The Drivers of Greenwashing

     · 2011, Magali A. Delmas and Vanessa Cuerel Burbano, California Management Review

     · Examines the external organizational and individual drivers of greenwashing for institutions and markets.

     · Discusses the negative effects of greenwashing for consumers and investors who are desire to support green products.

Rebecca Leon of Brandeis University contributed to this page in 2022.

Climate change institutions

Thousands of institutions focus on climate change, and navigating them (as well as sorting them) is a challenge.

While this page lists a limited number of private sector institutions, most climate-focused institutions are distributed across the "Also see" pages listed here.