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Mitigation ~ General information

Key concepts:

· At the most overarching level, climate change mitigation means addressing the causes of anthropogenic

   climate change. Yet one does not have to dig deep to find that mitigation is a surprisingly complex concept

   that defies simple definition. Consequently, most any simple definition of mitigation will come up against a

   contrasting, conflicting, or at least overlapping definition out there as well.  

· But while there are many ways to conceptualize mitigation, four broad categories include:

            (1) reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

               (2) protecting carbon reservoirs

                  (3) enhancing climate reservoirs

                     (4) implementing various forms of “climate intervention” (also called “geoengineering”)

· Confusingly, many approaches to climate change—for example, ”climate change law” and “carbon

   offsets”—can apply across several of these categories. As such, mitigation is a highly wide-ranging topic

   with numerous subcategories, many of which overlap with other climate change topics (most

   notably, that of adaptation).

· Consequently, while key overarching mitigation initiatives are listed on this page and its subpages,

   particular topics under the rubric of “mitigation” are integrated into the Climate A>Z page (entries  

   relevant to mitigation are highlighted with “M”).

Contents of this page:

     · Key mitigation initiatives


     · Carbon pricing: Taxes, markets & emissions trading systems

       · Carbon offsets

         · Geoengineering, climate engineering & climate intervention

                ~ Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) & carbon capture and storage (CCS)

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