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Climate-related Geoengineering and Biodiversity @ UNCBD

Geoengineering @ Guardian

Geoengineering Watch

     · Has been identified as a conspiracy website

     · “...primary mission is to synthesize current trends in scientific research and disseminate

       information to governments, community leaders, policymakers, managers, educators, and

       the general public with the goal of accelerating and advancing of the use of geoengineering

       technologies and solutions.

Impacts of climate-related geo-engineering on biological diversity·

     · Annotated Bibliography and other Relevant Citations

What is geoengineering @ Geoengineering Watch


Climate Engineering News

     · Hosted by:

          · Kiel Earth Institute

           · Heidelberg Center for the Environment

Geoengineering Monitor

Major reports & position statements

Position statement on climate intervention @ AGU

Climate Intervention @ NAS

Institutions ~ Research

Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G)

Clean Energy Conversions Laboratory @ University of Pennsylvania

Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment (FCEA) @ American University

     Academic Working Group (AWG) on Climate Engineering Governance

Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project (GeoMIP) @ Rutgers

Oxford Geoengineering Programme

Institutions ~ NGOs

Environmental Defense Fund position on geoengineering

Institutions ~ Private sector

make sunsets

Solar radiation management

Alliance for Just Deliberation on Solar Geoengineering

Solar Geoengineering Non-Use Agreement

Harvard's Solar Geoengineering Research Program

Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI)

Space Bubbles @ Senseable City Laboratory

Select readings on climate engineering

· In reverse chronological order.

Geoengineering: Can we control the weather?

     · 2022 ~ Ailsa Harvey ~ Live Science

     · Provides a list of current and proposed geoengineering methods (marine, space, and clouds, not carbon-capturing methods)

     · Gives concise overviews of how each method works, includes diagrams

Toward a responsible solar geoengineering research program

     · 2017 ~ David W. Keith ~ Issues in Science and Technology

     · Examines the challenges, hesitations, and issues regarding geoengineering

     · Considers whether geoengineering is alleviating the effects of climate change or worsening the consequences on nature

The science of geoengineering

     · 2013 ~ Ken Caldeira, Govindasamy Bala, and Long Cao ~ Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences

     · Discusses scientific details behind geoengineering and its effects and potential disruptions to the climate

     · Provides scientific insights into different solar radiation management and carbon dioxide removal methods

Is geoengineering research ethical?

     · 2012 ~ Alan Robock ~ Sicherheit und Frieden (S+F) / Security and Peace

     ·  Explores the issue of ethics in geoengineering research

     · Argues indoor geoengineering research is ethical and necessary to provide information to policymakers and the public

Review of climate geoengineering proposals

     · 2011 ~ N. E. Vaughan & T. M. Lenton ~ Climate Change

     · Examines different geoengineering methods, their effectiveness, duration of desired effect, potential consequences, deployment, reversibility,

       dsf and risks

     · Underlines that geoengineering is not a substitute for mitigation efforts

Unsettled vocabulary....

There are three primary labels/titles applied to deliberate efforts to modify components of the Earth's geophysical system in order to alleviate

   the threat of climate change:

      · geoengineering

        · climate engineering and

          · climate intervention.

Geoengineering is the most commonly used term, as evinced in this Google Ngram:

However, the term “geoengineering” has been applied to other endeavors (see Wikipedia's disambiguation).

Although the term climate intervention was recommended by the US National Academy of Sciences, the word “intervention” can be a bit

   confusing because the IPCC applies it to all forms of mitigation, including “reducing GHG emissions.” While uses all three

   terms, climate engineering is the default usage for the time being.

Geoengineering Monitor distinguishes between three different forms of climate engineering:

     - Solar radiation management

       - Earth radiation management

            - Carbon dioxide removal

Geoengineering, climate engineering & climate intervention

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Also see:

     · Carbon sequestration

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