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Teaching resources

Climate Action Through Education (CATE) @ MIT

Climate change education @ Stanford Earth

Climate Change Education @ Spare the Air Youth

Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN)

     · “A collection of 700+ free, ready-to-use learning resources rigorously reviewed by educators

        and scientists suitable for secondary through higher education classrooms.”

Climate science resources @ NSTA

Cooler Communities Program

Resources for educators @ NASA Global Climate Change


     Talking to Children about Climate Change

     Teaching climate

This is Planet Ed

     · “an initiative of the Energy and Environment Program of the Aspen Institute, seeks to unlock the power

       of education as a force for climate action, climate solutions, and environmental justice. Our goal is to

       empower the next generation to lead a sustainable, resilient, and equitable future.”

Your Guide to Talking With Kids of All Ages About Climate Change @ NRDC

Educational websites for younger students

Climate basics for kids (C2ES)

Climate Change Live

     · Click on "For students" tab

Climate Kids (NASA)

Just for kids: What's climate change? And what can I do? (Climate Reality Project)

Kids Care About Climate Change

King's Centre for Visualization in Science

National Geographic

     Climate change

     What is climate change?

What is climate change? (AMNH)

Educational videos

Climate Change: Crash Course Kids #41.2

Global Weirding with Katherine Hayhoe (YouTube channel)

Global Youth Video Competition @ UNFCCC

Institutions ~ Museums

Climate Change Resources (CCR)

     Museums & exhibitions

Climate Museum

Museums & Climate Change Network (MCCN)

Museum of the Earth

     Climate change: Our future, our choice

Smithsonian & climate change

Climate change education

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