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Modeling, mapping & data visualization

6 interactive tools to better understand the climate crisis @ CRP


     · Climate Adaptation Data Portal

     · Climate Resilience Data Explorer

Carbon emissions embodied in international trade @ OECD

Climate Analytics


Climate Analyzer @ Walking Shadow Ecology

Climate Data Guide @ NCAR & UCAR

Climate Explorer

Climate Hot Map @ UCS

Climate Impact Map @ Climate Impact Lab

Climate Reanalyzer @ Climate Change Institute @ University of Maine

     · "...began in early 2012 as a platform for visualizing climate and weather forecast models. Site content

       is organized into three general categories: Weather Forecasts, Climate Data, and Research Tools. Pages

       within the first two groups are the easiest to use and include maps, map animations, and interactive

       time series charts (with data export options). Research Tools include pages for generating custom maps,

       time series, and linear correlations from monthly climate reanalysis, gridded data, and climate models.

       Data sources and information are found toward the bottom of each page.”

Climate Sensing and Data Storytelling

Climate Signals

Climate Time Machine @ NASA

Climate Watch @ WRI

Climate Wizard @ TNC

Community Climate Systems Model (CCSM)

Decarbonisation Policy Evaluation Tool (DPET)

Emissions Gap Report @ UNEP

EUCalc project

     · "...has the goal of delineating emission and sustainable transformation pathways at a European

       and member state scale. The project will develop an open source model combined with a

       Transition Pathways Explorer” as well as learning tools designed to engage and be used by

       European and national policy makers, businesses, NGOs and other actors of society."

Greenhouse Maps

Keeling Curve @ Scripps

NOAA's Climate Divisional Database (nCLIMDIV)


Integrated assessment models (IAMs) & Social Cost of Carbon (SCC)

Climate Framework for Uncertainty, Negotiation and Distribution (FUND)

Dynamic Integrated Climate–Economy model (DICE)

Representative Concentration Pathways

Representative Concentration Pathways Database @ IIASA

Weather, climate change & citizen science

Current Results: Weather & science facts

I See Change

Weather Channel

     The Climate 25

     United States of Climate Change


Scenario planning

Consortium or Scenario Planning @ Lincoln Institute

Shell Scenarios

Select readings in scenario planning

A review of scenario planning

     · 2013 ~ M. Amer ~ Portland State University

     · A comprehensive overview of scenario planning in a general context

     · In-depth technical information on the mechanisms of scenario planning

The Art of the Long View: Planning for the Future in an Uncertain World

     · 1991 ~ P. Schwartz ~ Doubleday

     · Considered to be the original text on scenario planning

     · An outline of the scenario planning approach, developed at the Royal/Dutch Shell company and utilized during the oil crisis

Emissions scenarios - special report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

     · 1991 ~ P. Schwartz ~ Doubleday

     · A report which uses scenario planning to map six possibilities for greenhouse gas emission

       levels in order to create the future assessments of GHGs

     · Referenced by the third and fourth National Climate Assessment, as well as the 2016 USGCRP Human Health Assessment

Ecosystems and human well-being: health synthesis

     · 2005 ~ C. Corvalán ~ World Health Organization (WHO)

     · A major assessment of human impact on ecosystems, which was started by United Nations

       Secretary-General Kofi Annan and received $14 million dollars of grant money for its execution

     · The authors created four future climate scenarios using scenario planning and describe how

       different sectors such as human health and agriculture would change in these futures

Global-Change Scenarios: Their Development and Use

     · 2007 ~ E.A. Parson ~ U.S. Climate Change Science Program (CCSP)

     · A report to the U.S. congress that describes scenario planning and evaluates its ability to inform climate change decisions

Considering Multiple Futures: Scenario Planning To Address Uncertainty in Natural Resource Conservation

     · 2016 ~ E.R. Rowland ~ U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

     · A report that describes scenario planning and its applications for natural resource management

     · “The guide is intended to help natural resource and conservation professionals, including

       managers, planners, and researchers to: Understand the core elements of scenario planning;

       Identify situations for which scenario planning could be a valuable tool; … Get started …and

       Find additional resources”

The next generation of scenarios for climate change research and assessment

     · 2010 ~ R. Moss ~ Joint Global Change Research Institute

     · Presented a fundamentally different process for scenario planning, which utilizes a new

       framework as well as more socio-economic factors and climate modeling

     · Created the Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) utilized by the IPCC

A new scenario framework for climate change research: the concept of shared socioeconomic pathways

     · 2013 ~ B.C. O'Neill ~ National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

     · The proposal of a new scenario planning framework that focuses on how global socioeconomic

       variables will lead to mitigation and adaption challenges in the future

     · Currently being utilized for the IPCC's sixth Assessment Report

Contents of this page:

       · Modeling, mapping & data visualization

         · Integrated assessment models (IAMs) & social cost of carbon (SCC)

           · Representative concentration pathways (RCPs)  

             · Weather, climate change & citizen science

               · Scenario planning

                 · Select readings in scenario planning

Also see the Climate change science ~ Science & research institutions page.

Modeling, mapping, scenario planning +

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