A  web·guide to sustainable development, conservation & the glocal environment



General information

Science, Technology, and Environment @ Policy Forum Armenia

Environmental news

News @ Armenian Environmental Network

Armenian Weekly

     · An American-Armenian newspaper with reporting on local environmental issues (use search function)

Ecology @ hetq

     · Environmental page of a national Armenian online publication

     · A national Armenian online publication which sometimes reports on national conservation issues and

     projects as well as local issues in certain villages

     · A national Armenian news source with reporting on local environmental issues (use search function)


     · A political Armenian newspaper which often reports on sustainable development goals especially as

     they relate to UN goals (use search function).

Institutions ~ Government

· Official Website from Armenian Environmental ministry

· UN development page about Armenia's development gives a lot of info about sustainable development in particular

Institutions ~ Nongovernmental organizations

Armenian Environmental Network

     · An NGO based in Washington DC and Yerevan dedicated to environmental problems in Armenia and promoting

          sustainable development and through the Armenian diaspora.


Armenia Tree Project

Hannah Pedersen &Thomas Macartney of Brandeis University contrbuted to this page in 2020 & 2019 respectively.


Also see the Country data sources page.