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General information

CIA World Factbook - Bahrain

Environmental news

News of Bahrain

     · General news outlet of Bahrain

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - News

Environmental Legislations in Bahrain: EcoMENA Website

Institutions ~ Government

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning

National Oil and Gas Authority

Electricity and Water Authority

     · See specifically: Conservation

Ministry of Education - GreenIT

     · Educational program that promotes environmental preservation through "Green Information Technology"

Supreme Council for Environment

Institutions ~ Research and nongovernmental organizations

University of Bahrain

List of Environmental NGOs

Environmental Conferences, Agreements, and Laws

List of Bahrain Environmental Laws

Environmental Decrees and Decisions Since 1995

Conferences and Agreements

     · The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

     · Bahrain-United States Free Trade Agreement

Climate Action in Bahrain

Voluntary National Review Report on the SDGs

Government Action Plan for Implementation of SDGs

The Economic Vision 2030

     · Adresses economic change and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals

The National Environmental Strategy

     · A response to the Convention of Biological Diversity (1992 Earth Summit, Brazil).

Public participation

King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award to Acheive the SDGs

Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa Award for the Advancement of Bahraini Women 2019 (Arabic only)

Recycle IT Facebook page

     · A public effort to repair and refurbish IT equipment

Private Sector Involvement

Aluminum Bahrain Environmental Policy and Projects

BAPCO Environmental Responsibility

     · See: Policy statement

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (GPIC) Environmental Projects

     · Bird Sanctuary

     · GPIC Charity Garden

     · Fish Farm

     · Neem Tree Garden

Sustainable Development

Inclusive Sustainable Development Overview and Goals

Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

Sustainable Development Goals Survey

Biodiversity Conservation

Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve


Water Conference in the MENA Region

Government Issued Water Report

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