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General information

          Comoros Forest Information and Data

          Comoros CIA Factbook

          Comoros Encyclopedia

          Comoros Country Profile

          Comoros Dashboard

          Comoros Alcohol Consumption Patterns

          Comoros Gazette

          Comoros Overview: World Bank

          Comoros Country Profile: One World Nations Online

Government information

          Comoros Government Information Encyclopedia

          Comoros and France

          Comoros Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members

          Food And Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Country Profile: Comoros

          World Health Organization Country Cooperation Strategy: Comoros

          Comoros Government: GlobalEDGE

Government agencies

          Comoros National Office of Tourism

          Comoros Government Contact List

          Comoros Government

Environmental initiatives

          Comoros Environmental Information

          Comoros Current Environmental Issues

          Comoros: The Environment

          UNDP Climate Change Adaptation Comoros

          Global Climate Change Alliance

          Addressing Climate Change in Comoros and Sao Tome and Principe

          Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants: National Implementation Plan of the Union of Comoros

          The Biodiversity of Comoros

          ECDD Comoros Project: Managing Landscapes for Wildlife and People

          International Fund for Agricultural Development Comoros

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