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Matthew Baharmast & Cameeron Bechman of Brandeis University contributed to this page in 2021 & 2017 respectively.

General information

Georgia @ Wikipedia 

Georgia @ Britannica

Georgia @ NationsOnline

Environmental information 

Cultural Information

Environmental and Health Problems in Georgia

Environmental Issues in Georgia

Naturvernforbundet Georgia

One World Journeys Georgia

Georgia @ World Population Review

Environmental News

· There are a number of media and news outlets that are popular in Georgia. Three of the main newspapers,

   Netgazeti, Publika, and 24 Saati, seem not to have environmentally focused sections. Additionally,

   Georgia Today is a good local outlet for general news, but it does not have a great deal of environmentally

   focused media either. 

International areements, institutions & initiatives

Georgia @ International Environmental Agreements (IEA) Database Project

Short list of Agreements

UNECE: 3rd Environmental Performance Review

Georgia’s Fifth National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform: Georgia

World Bank Group Georgia

World Bank: Georgia Country Environmental Analysis

Environmental law

Georgia @ Enviro Rights Map

Law of Georgia on Ambient Air Protection

Law of Georgia on Environmental Impacts

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide: The Law of Georgia on Environmental Protection

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Black Sea Regional Transmission Project

Government information and agencies

Government of Georgia (Gov Website)

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development

    Energy page

Agency of Protected Areas

Georgia Country Report 

Invest in Georgia (See Energy or Agriculture and Food Processing for Environmental Info)

Johannesburg Summit 2002: Georgia Profile

National Environmental Agency (Georgia)

National Environmental Action Programme of Georgia 

Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)

Black Sea NGO Network

Caucasus Environmental NGO Network

List of Georgian NGOs

Sustainable materials management & waste

Law of Georgia: On Import, Export, and Transit of Waste 

Black Sea Region Marine Litter Report

Waste and Plastic Management in Khorga and Chaladidi

Marine fisheries

Agriculture and Fisheries Statistics

Georgia Fisheries @ FAO

Europe for Georgia Fishery Analysis



Country Report: Water Resources Of Georgia And Their Use


Climate change

Georgia’s Third National Communication to the UNFCCC

Air pollution

Ambient Air Quality Challenges in Georgia and the EU

Forestry and Deforestation

Georgia’s Forestry Sector: Current Problems and Ways Forward


Georgian Agriculture @ Transpareny International

Urban areas

National Urban Assessment @ Asian Development Bank 


Georgian Biodiversity Database

Also see the Country data sources page.