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General information

Guyana @ Wikipedia

Guyana @ Britannica

Guyana @

Environmental and demographic information

Guyana @

Guyana Environmental Stats @ Nation Master

Guyana State of Environment Report

     · 2016

    ·  310-page report containing comprehensive information about Guyana’s environment. 

National Environmental Summary of Guyana (by UNEP)

Introduction to environment and forestry in Guyana @ Mongabay

UCLA case study report on Guyana

     · 2000, peer reviewed

National Implementation of Agenda 21, Guyana National Profile

     · UN Commission on Sustainable Development, 1997

Balancing Environmental Protection and Offshore Petroleum Developments in Guyana” (journal article)

Environmental news

Guyana Chronicle

     Our Environment

International agreements, institutions & initiatives

Guyana @ International Environmental Agreements (IEA) Database Project

European Commission partnership with Guyana

Guyana-Norway Partnership 

Environmental law

Guyana @ Enviro Rights Map

Government information and agencies

Office of the President

     Department of the Environment

Guyana Forestry Commission

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

     "Environment" related press release on Guyana Ministry of Foreign Affairs And International Cooperation

Environmental Protection Agency     

Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)

Conservation International Guyana

     · CI Guyana has the most comprehensive records on partnerships and projects in environmental conservation in Guyana.

Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation and Development (IICRCD)

Trade issues

Guyana National Trade Strategy (2021)

     · UNCTAD document providing an overview of Guyanese national economic structure and trade policy, with coverage

         of environmental and social impacts of the national economic strategy.

Guyana Green Industry and Trade Assessment (2019)

Climate Change

Guyana office of Climate Change

Sustainable materials management, waste management, & plastic pollution

Littering and plastic pollution in Guyana

     · The Environmental Protection Agency provides reports on littering behaviors common in Guyana.

     · The government, supporting multiple sustainability bills, including one that bans one-use plastics in

       2021, is calling for mindful disposal of plastic wastes. 

Guyana import of plastic hazardous wastes

Guyana EPA: bringing hazardous waste under control

Guyana: Environmental Management Plan on Wastes


Guyana @ Water Action Hub


Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, Guyana

United Nations: Sustainable Development Goal in Guyana—Life Below Water

Caribbean Natural Resources Institute—Fisheries in Guyana


2008 report on biodiversity and tropical forests of Guyana

Fourth National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity


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