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Nile Marsh (2024), Alexandra Diener (2020) & Heather Galloway (2019) of Brandeis University contrbuted to this page.

General information

United States CIA World Factbook: Liberia

Liberia @ Nations Online

Environmental & demographic information

World Bank Liberia Population Statistics

Liberia @ World Population Review

Environmental news

Environment @ Daily Observer

Front Page Africa

    · For all of Africa, but focused on Liberia; no environment section, but a search for environmental terms indicates extensive coverage.

Liberia @ Mongabay

International agreements & initiatives

Liberia @ International Environmental Agreements (IEA) Database Project

United Nations Environmental Programme in Liberia

Liberia @ UNICEF

International organizations & initiatives

Gaborone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa

    · Initiative has ended; Liberia was one of 10 countries involved

Liberia @ US Agency for International Development

Liberia @ Global Environment Facility

Liberia @ UN Development Program

Liberia @ UN Environment Program

Liberia @ World Bank

Environmental law

Associaton of Environmental Lawyers of Liberia (Gvreen Advocates)

    · Green Advocates is currently building their website (here), so this link is through a third party.

Defending the Environment in Liberia @ E-LAW

    · An information/interview page about the founder of Green Advocate

Government information and agencies

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

     · A search for “environment” at this website provides many useful results.

Environmental Protection Agency

     Brief History

     MEAs Projects

Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)

Liberia @ Environmental Foundation for Africa

Liberia @ Environmental Justice Foundation

Liberia @ Global Witness

     · "... we protect human rights and the environment by fearlessly confronting corruption and challenging the systems that enable it"

Society for the Conservation of Nature in Liberia

Sustainable Development Institute

    · "We are grassroots activists using technology to hold the Liberian government & corporations to their commitments"

Trade issues

Liberia Trade Policy

     · This article from the International Trade Association describes many of the trade agreement treaties

       that Liberia has signed with other countries, and also mentions a Voluntary Partnership Agreement

       that aims to control illegal logging.

Liberia Trade of Hazardous Materials

Plastic pollution

Plastic Pollution Affects Liberia's Marine Ecosystems

Climate change

Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) @ UNFCCC NDC Registry

     · First NDC to the Paris Agreement (2015)

NDC @ FAOLEX Database

Liberia @ Africa NDC Hub

Climate Risk Profile for Liberia


Water, Sanitation & Hygeine @ UNICEF

Marine institutions

Fisheries Committee for the West Central Gulf of Guinea

    · Information on the various marine, inland, and aquaculture structures in Liberia


Liberia @ FAO



Agriculture & food

Liberia @ World Food Programme

Agricultural Sector Market Overview 

Sustainable agriculture project @ Borgen Project


African Bird Club: Liberia

    · A summary of the status of birds and bird conservation in Liberia

Wild Chimpanzee Foundation

Biodiversity in Liberia @ FFI

A National Biodiversity Offset Scheme: A Road Map for Liberia's Mining Sector (report)


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