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General information

CIA Fact Book entry on Mexico

Overview of environmental law and practice in Mexico

Environment of Mexico

     · A useful and short overview of Mexico’s environment

Maps of Mexico

News & periodicals

Mexico Environment News Monitoring

Climate Home News: Mexico

Voices of Mexico


Indigenous peoples

Atlas of Indigenous People in Mexico

     · In Spanish

International agreements

List of Mexico's participation in international environmental agreements

Institutions ~ Government agencies

Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE)

     · English translation: Secretariat of Foreign Affairs

Comision Nacional Para El Conocimiento Y Uso De La Biodiversidad (CONABIO)

     · English translation: “National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity”

     · Website has no English translation; click here for Wikipedia entry.

Instituto Nacional de Ecologia y Cambio Climatica

     · English translation: “National Institute for Ecology and Climate Change”

     · Website has no English translation, and no English description is available.

Institutions ~ Research

Centro del Cambio Global y la Sustentabilidad A.C.

Institutions ~ Nongovernmental organizations

Amigos de la Tierra


Tláloc Foundation

Island Endemics Foundation

Mexican Nature Conservation Fund

Nature Conservancy in Mexico

Profauna (Protección de la Fauna Mexicana)


Sierra Madre Alliance

Environmental & sustainability initiatives

Sustainable Governance Indicators for Mexico

Mexican Nature Conservation Fund

US Agency for International Development: Sustainable Landscapes program in Mexico

Environmental law

Environmental law and practice in Mexico

Mexican Environmental Law Center (CEMDA)

     · In Spanish with a few pages in English


Trade & Investment @ Secretary of the Economy, Government of Mexico

     · Government page on strengthening international trade, with multiple references to "sustainable development"

Free trade and the environment: Mexico, NAFTA, and beyond by Kevin Gallagher

    · Key reading on the Mexican experience with "free trade"


Non-motorized transportation in Mexico (UNEP page)

Sustainable materials management, including trade in hazardous materials

1986 Mexico-USA Agreement Regarding the Transboundary Shipments of Hazardous Wastes and Hazardous Substances

Mexican Hazardous Waste Generator

     · "Instructions for Generators Concerning Hazardous Waste Return from Maquiladoras"

Climate change

Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) @ UNFCCC NDC Registry

     Earlier version of NDC

Mexico @ Climate Action Tracker  

International Development Law Organization: Climate change in Mexico and beyond

Mexican-German Climate Change Alliance

How is climate change affecting Mexico?

     · Broad & concise overview from the Climate Reality Project.

Quintana Roo coral reef insurance policy

Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts on the Coastal Wetlands in the Gulf of Mexico

     · World Bank project

     · A review of the project is here

Air pollution

Air Pollution in Mexico City: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map

Live pollution report and pollution forecast in Mexico City

Mexico Perspective: Air Pollution

     · From the Copenhagen Consensus Center

Stratospheric ozone depletion

Mexico Ozone Depleting Substances Project Protocol

Elimination of Ozone Depleting Substances in the Manufacture of Domestic Refrigerators in Mexico


Arbolitos Project

Forest Legality Initiative (Mexico)



Viva Natura Illustrated database of Mexican biodiversity

Regions & regional issues

Northern Mexico

Geo-Mexico: The geography and dynamics of Northern Mexico


    · See Sonoran Desert page

Laguna San Ignacio

Laguna San Ignacio Ecosystem Science Program

Yucatan: Tren Maya railway proposal

Government of Mexico → Tren Maya

WikipediaTren Maya

Commission for Environmental CooperationTren Maya submission

Mexico Business NewsTag: Tren Maya

Yucatan TimesTag: Tren Maya

Polish Geographical SocietyTren Maya

Justseeds Artists CooperativeNo! Al Tren Maya

Zisla →  El Tren Maya and what it means for the real estate in the Yucatan Peninsula [2022.10.13]

New York TimesOver Caves and Over Budget, Mexico’s Train Project Barrels Toward Disaster [2022.9.28]

MongabayMexico court drops injunctions, paving way for controversial Tren Maya railway [2022.9.15]

BloombergJungle Train: Mexico’s AMLO is staking his presidential legacy on a highly contested 965-mile rail... [2022.6.3]

MatadorMexico May Build a Massive Tourist Train Over the Yucatán’s World-Famous Cenotes [2022.4.18]

Equal TimesTren Maya, the Mexican megaproject threatening the ecosystems of the Yucatán Peninsula [2022.3.18]


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                       · Sustainable materials management

                         · Climate change

                           · Air pollution

                             · Stratospheric ozone depletion

                               · Forests

                                 · Biodiversity

                                   · Regions & regional issues

                                          ~ Sonora & Sonoran Desert  

                                          ~ Laguna San Ignacio

                                          ~ Yucatan Tren Maya proposal

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