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General information

Moldova @ Economist Intelligence

Moldova @ Wikipedia

Moldova Demographic Index  

Moldova Demographic general

Moldova Geographic/Map

     · Geography, fast fact, map, flag

Environmental issues in general

Moldova Population @ Worldometer

International agreements, institutions & initiatives

Moldova @ International Environmental Agreements (IEA) Database Project

Treaties of Moldova @ Wikipedia

Trade issues

Republic of Moldova Trade Study [report]

Regulatory and Procedural Barriers to Trade in Moldova [report]

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) & Agenda 21

Republic of Moldova National Implementation of Agenda 21

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Moldova

Environmental law

Moldova @ Enviro Rights Map

Moldova: Environment & climate change law

     · Website has a paywall

Law of the republic of Moldova about environmental protection

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Institutions ~ Government

Moldovan PM at international conference

Use of modern technology in agriculture

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment

     · Website is in Romanian

Apele Moldovei

     · Website is in Romanian

State Hydrometeorological Service

Institutions ~ Nongovernmental organizations

Environmental performance review

Climate change, environment & energy


Black Sea NGO Forum


Environmental politics

Air quality policy in Moldova

Disaster Risk Mitigation in Moldova

Energy Policies

Public participation

NGO-State Cooperation

Villagers in rural Moldova join forces for clean water

Climate change

Enhancing climate adaption capacity

Climate Facts and Policies

Energy and Fuels

Renewable Readiness Assessment

Plastic pollution

Being eco-friendly in Moldova: The facets of the plastic pollution problem and its long-term solutions

Economic instruments for managing environmentally harmful products in Moldova

Marine fisheries

Institutions, Regulations, Controls and Results in the Fisheries Sector of the Republic of Moldova

Republic of Moldova GLOBEFISH Market Profile - 2018

Aquatic Network Moldova


Republic of Moldova @ CBD

Biodiversity Moldova @ ClimateChangePost

Endangered Species Search

Moldova Wild Life

Land degredation and desertification

Orhei National Park


An Outlook of Moldova's Water Policy Journey to 2030

Water laws of Georgia, Moldova & Ukraine

Food and Water safety

Fresh water resources


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