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Charlotte Lang

of Brandeis University developed this page in 2017.


General information

Netherlands @ European Environment Agency

          OECD Environmental Performance Review →

          Visual Map of Air Pollution in the Netherlands →

Government information

          2002 UN Country Profile →

          Economic Contributions →

          2014 Threats and Challenges in the Netherlands →

Government agencies

Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Ministry of Infastructure and the Environment

National Delta Program     

Political Parties


Environmental initiatives

Sustainable Development Goals for the Netherlands (for 2030) 2016 → 

Repackaging of obsolete DDT initiative →

          Stichting Natuur en Milieu →

          Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment → 

          Water Management →

          Air Pollution in the Netherlands → 2014 Threats and Challenges in the Netherlands →


List of NGOs in the Netherlands

Louis Bolk Institute

Dutch Urgenda Foundation

Friends of the Earth Netherlands

Greenpeace Netherlands

Natuurmonumenten, WNF


WWF Netherlands

Also see the Country data sources page.