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Xinyi Guo of Brandeis University developed this page in 2018.


General information

CIA Fact Book entry on Nicaragua

Map of Nicaragua



Nicaragua Environment News Monitoring

Climate Home News: Nicaragua


Government Information and Agencies

The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA)    

            • Website has no English translation


Climate change

Climate Change Risk in Nicaragua

Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change and Food Security in Nicaragua

Climate change in Nicaragua pushes farmers into uncertain world

Climate Change And Challenges For Future Policy


Impact of Climate Change on Migration

The Migrant Caravan's Plight Is a Glimpse of Our Coming Climate Crisis


Climate Justice

Climate Injustice

Nicaragua, global warming and climate justice


Environmental Disasters

Disaster & Risk Profile

An (un)natural disaster in Nicaragua


Human Health

Climate Risk Management For The Health Sector In Nicaragua

Primary Health Care



Nicaragua - PM2.5 air pollution, mean annual exposure 

Air Quality Policies in Nicaragua

Pollution Index in Nicaragua



Water Availability

Climate Change Dries Up Nicaragua



Fauna & Flora International (FFI) 

• Contributing to biodiversity conservation and strengthening local and national partners

Biodiversity on canal route

Biodiversity Overview

Agroforestry Practices Promote Biodiversity and Natural Resource Diversity in Atlantic Nicaragua


Environmental Initiatives

Nicaragua Environmental Conservation and Development Project 

Building a climate change adaptation strategy in Nicaragua

• Advancing Climate-Smart Agriculture


Nongovernmental organizations

Azul Conservation

Nature Conservancy in Nicaragua 


International Agreements

Paris Climate Accord 

Convention on Biological Diversity

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification


Environmental law

Conservation Law in Nicaragua

Legislation on Use of Water in Agriculture: Nicaragua



Construction of bus rapid transit line in Managua 

Transportation in Nicaragua 

Also see the Country data sources page.