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General information

Norway Sustainable Governance Indicator Profile

Norway World Bank Profile

Norway European Environmental Agency Profile

Norwegian Fisheries Information

Norway Environmental Information Act

Hazardous Waste Trends

Energy Consumption and Production

Norway population trends, migration, mortality

Oil and gas market

Map of Norway

A short history about Norway

Government information

Norway Government Website

Politics, Government, and Taxation

Fjord Norge

Government agencies

NORAD: Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation

     Climate change and environment    

Institute of Marine Research (IMR)

      ·     Norway Polar Institute

Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Department

Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Fisheries

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

      ·     Ministry of Climate and Environment

      ·     Ministry of petroleum and energy


Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)

     U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

          Climate change

          Natural resources & energy

          Renewable resources

     Climate & natural resources

NORCE Norwegian Research Centre

Norwegian Institute for Air Research

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

Environmental Initiatives

Center for International Climate Research (CICERO)

Fram Centre - High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment

Norwegian International Climate and Forests Initiative

Climate and Clean Air Coalition

Domestic GHG Regulations

Water Regulations

Hazardous Substances

High North Alliance (Marine Mammals)     

Free Trade Agreements

Norway & the Convention on Biological Diversity

Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative

Norway's 5th Report on the Convention on Biological Diversity 2014

International Whaling Commission

Op-Ed Questioning Norway's Green Image

Norway-Russia Collaboration in the Barent Sea

Norway-China Environmental Collaboration

REDD+ Disbursement

A Budget for Climate

Norway part of new agreement to protect the Congo Basin

Norwegian Carbon Credit Procurement Program

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