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General information

CIA World Factbook

     Basic information on Congo Brazzaville


Environmental news

Congo-Brazzaville: Climate Change Increases Risk of Outbreaks in Africa

Partnership: UNFPA's approach for transforming Africa and the world

UNFPA publishes book on SDG 17

Congo's Role in Climae Change

Air Pollution and the Impact on Public Health in Africa


(Note: These Pages are originaly in French but can be accessed in English by using Google Crome and the Page Translation function)

Republic of Congo: List of Ministries

Some notable climate related ministries      Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries

Ministry of Forest Economy, Sustainable Development and Environment

Ministry of Envrionemt and Tourism

Institutions ~ Governmental

IUNC - 1993 Environmental Synopsis

UNDP - Climate Change Adaption: Congo

World Bank in the Republic of Congo

Institutions ~ Research

Global Research Projects - Congo Brazzeville

Institutions ~ Nongovernmental Organizations



Brazzaville Foundation

Youth Action for Development (AJED-CONGO)


Congo Brazzaville Country Analysis Breif

EIA- International Analysis Congo Brazzaville

Renewable Energy in Congo (Brazzaville)

Republic of the Congo - Energy Production and Distribution Sector

Republic of the Congo - Energy Resources

Environmental Law

Environmental Law Congo Brazzaville

New Congo law demands environmental impact studies

Congo Brazzaville Forestry Law and regulation

Legislation on Electric Energy in the Republic of the Congo

Environmental Conservation

Central Africa Regional Program for the Environemnt

The Wildlife Conservation Society - Congo

World Wildlife Fund - Republic of Congo

Climate Change

Climate Change and Forests in the Congo River Basin

Congo Brazzaville - Environmental Crisis's


Community Forestry Practices

Congo: Environmental Profile

Conservation in the Congo Rainforest

Deforestation in the Congo Rainforest

Forest Governance - Republic of Congo

Forestry in the Congo



Gorillas in the Congo: Discovering One of the World's Most Threatened Species

Republic of Congo-U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Fish of the Congo River

Sustainable Marine Conservation

Marine institutions

Congo Marine Program

Congo River Basin

Congo River Animal Life

Agriculture & food

Food and Forests in Congo-Brazaville

Republic of the Congo - Agricultural Sector

Public Health & the Environment

Health Challenges and Environment

Republic of the Congo (Congo Brazzaville)

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