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General information

Sierra Leone @ Encyclopedia Britannica

Sierra Leone Web

    · An independent source, unaffiliated with the government of Sierra Leone or any organization.

CIA Factbook on Sierra Leone

Maps of Sierra Leone

Environmental & demographic information

Country Environment Profile Sierra Leone

Knoema Environmental Data Sierra Leone

     · Behind a paywall 

World Bank's Initial Assessment of Environmental Problems in Sierra Leone

UNDP Human Development Indicators

Sierra Leone @ World Population Review

Environmental news

The Sierra Leone Times

The Sierra Leone Telegraph

International agreements & initiatives

Sierra Leone @ International Environmental Agreements (IEA) Database Project

UN Development Programme

   · Page on the Sierra Leone Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and Environment 

   · Various Environment and Energy Projects in Sierra Leone

Cooperation with Japan

     · Contains information on Sierra Leone/Japan scientific cooperation

Environmental law

EPA Acts 2008 and 2010

A Database of the "primary and secondary legal materials of Sierra Leone"

Government Information and Agencies

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

     Climate change

Environmental Protection Agency Sierra Leone

   · The website doesn’t have much information, but Sierra Leone’s EPA is still an existing government agency,

     although according to some news sources, it is largely ineffective.

Ministry of Energy


Nongovernmental organizations

The Environmental Foundation for Africa (EFA)

Friends of the Earth Sierra Leone

The Water Project in Sierra Leone

Conservation Society of Sierra Leone

    · The domain of this NGO is “for sale,” and doesn’t seem to be active anymore, but the link above

      provides some information about what the Society did/does.


Environmental Initiatives

Wetlands Conservation Project

UNEP's Sierra Leone Environment, Conflict, and Peacebuilding Assessment

Green Growth Sierra Leone: Investing in Environmentally Sound Economic Growth (African Development Bank Group)

Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment of the Mining Sector


Trade issues

Sierra Leone: Economic Development, Environment, & Health

     · Resource collection collated by Columbia University Library on development, environment, and health and Sierra Leone. 

Sustainable materials management

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the implications for human rights of the environmentally sound management and disposal of hazardous substances and wastes on his mission to Sierra Leone 

     · Report is a docx file 

Sierra Leone's waste and flooding crisis

     · News story

Climate change

Intended Nationally Determined Contribution

Third National Communication to the UNFCCC

USAID Climate Change Risk Profile for Sierra Leone

USAID Greenhouse Gas Emissions Factsheet

Effect of Climate Change on Cocoa Crops of West Africa

Plastic pollution

Solving Freetown's Waste Problem


Water Supply in Sierra Leone

Sierra Lene @ Water Action Hub


FAO Aquaculture in Sierra Leone

Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources

Subregional Fisheries Commission (SRFC)

Forestry and Deforestation

An overview of REDD efforts

Sierra Leone Forest Information and Data

Global Forest Resources Assessment, 2015, Country Report

Land Use, Land Cover, and Trends in Sierra Leone

Miro Forestry & Timber Company

Interactive Tool to Measure Deforestation in Sierra Leone

‘Catastrophic’: Sierra Leone sells rainforest for Chinese Harbour

    · Story from The Guardian



Public, University-Based, and Nongovernmental Agriculture Organizations

Strengthening Women's Cooperatives in Sierra Leone

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, AQUASTAT Country Profile

Food Security and Agriculture Report

Urban areas

Serra Leone Urban Research Center



Sierra Leone @ Convention on Biological Diversity

     · Contains general Sierra Leone biodiversity facts as well as information about conservation efforts. 

National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, 2004-2010

National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, 2017-2026

Biodiversity Conservation Project Report from the World Bank

Wildlife of Sierra Leone

     · Contains information on Sierra Leone's native wildlife. There is little specific information on this page,

       but it acts as a hub to many other pages about various animals in Sierra Leone. 

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Sierra Leone

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