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General information

General Information About Spain

Detailed History of Spain

Map of Spain



Spain Science News

     · Only in Spanish, but ABC is Spain’s largest news outlet, so their science page often has recent environmental news


Environmental Initiatives

Natural Capital Factory

Overview of Environmental Initiatives

SciTech DiploHub

Spain Low Carbon Emission Goals

Green Technology Projects

Government Information and Agencies

European Environment Agency

     · Although this website does provide a good overview, further research shows that a lot of the information

       is biased by ignoring some of Spain’s problems

International Energy Agency

State Meteorological Agency

Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología (IPE)


Nongovernmental organizations

International Institute for Law and the Environment

Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development

Sociedad Española de Ornitología (SEO)

United Cities and Local Governments

World Wildlife Fund Spain

     · In Spanish only


International Agreements

Overview of Spain's Success with International Agreements-OECD Environment Programme


Environmental law

Spain Environment and Climate Change Law Explained

Climate change

Overall Strategy to Handle Climate Change and Clean Energy-London School of Economics

Climate Change and Tourism Policies

Vulnerability to Climate Change

     · Use the interactive map to click on Spain and learn about why they are readily adapting to

       the adverse effects of climate change 


Air Quality

Live Air Quality Map

Spain Air Quality Overview

Water Resources

Water Resource Adaption Program

Climate Change Effects on Water Resources

Potential Desert from the Lack of Water

·       Click on URL link for article; the posting of this article by inforMEA helps to solidify its validity.



Facts About why Spain is a Biodiversity Hotspot

Spain's Past Success and Why it Will Continue

Threats to Biodiversity

National Biodiversity Strategy 2020

·      Use Google Chrome so that it is automatically translated into English. Although lengthy, the preamble gives a good overview.


Waste Management

Information on How Waste is Handled

Interactive Map Related to Recycling Efforts

·       Click on “Find out more about statistics” to find more in-depth numbers about recycling


Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia (CFTC)

Canary Islands

Loro Parque

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