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General information

Current Issues

     · Straightforward list of issues the country is currently dealing with.

Environmental news

EIN News

Sri Lanka @ Mongabay

Institutions ~ Government

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

     Ocean Affairs, Environment, and Climate Change Division

Ministry of Environment

Environment Foundation Limited

     · General environmental organization, focuses on promoting environmental laws and green development with ecology in mind.

A list of environmental policies stated by the Sri Lankan Government

Central Environmental Authority

Institutions ~ Nongovernmental organizations

Organizations @ Sri Lanka Biodiversity National Clearing House Mechanism

Federation of Environmental Organizations Sri Lanka

Environmental Foundation Limited

Environmental Conservation and Management Society (ENCM)

Friends of the Earth Sri Lanka / Center for Environmental Justice

Green Movement of Sri Lanka

     · Brings together other organizations towards the common goal of protecting the country from multinatural development interests.

Nature Conservation Society (NCS)

Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy

Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLWCS)

     · Engages with people at the grassroots level and empower citizens to support sustainable and long-term conservation success

Wildlife and Nature Protection Society

     · Helps saving the unique nature and creatinga healthy environment for local communities

Environmental law

Environmental law @ Citizens Lanka

Climate Change

Climate change Secretariat Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka climate change adaptation @ UNDP


Environmental Education Unit

Air Pollution

Sri Lanka @ IQAir

Air resource Management and Monitoring Unit @ Division of the Central Environmental Agency

Public participation

Friends of the Earth Sri/Lanka /Center for Environmental Justice

     · Provides legal advocacy and promotes the connection between community and policy


     · Works on a grassroots level to empower citizens in the environmental policy process.

Environmental Conservation & Management Society (ENCM)


Biodiversity Sri Lanka

     · Organization dedicated to conserving the biodiversity of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Biodiversity National Clearing House Mechanism

Sri Lanka Mangrove Conservation Project


Water Resources Board

Marine institutions

Marine Environmental Protection Authority:

-Government-run organization focusing on marine pollution in particular.

Coastal Conservation and Coastal Resource Management Department


Agriculture & food

Ministry of Agriculture

Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy

Key readings

State of the environment, environmental challenges and governance in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

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