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General information

International Rank in Environmental Policy and Global Environmental Protection

Recommendations for future Swiss Environmental Policy Initiatives

Sustainability and Environment in Switzerland

Basic Information on Environmental Policy in Switzerland and what laws are currently in place

Nongovernmental organizations

Foundation Franz Weber (FFW)


Swiss Ornithological Institute


National Research Programmes, “Energy Turnaround” (NRP 70) and “Managing Energy Consumption” (NRP 71)

Climate change

Climate Cent Foundation

Manner in which Switzerland is Combating Climate Change 

Switzerland and Climate Change and Public Perception

Information on how Climate Change is Directly Affecting the Swiss Alps

Climate Action Tracker that Assesses the Swiss NDC and what actions are being taken by Swiss Government 

The Effects of Climate Change in Switzerland to this point

Outline for the current adaptation strategy against climate change being pursued by Switzerland

Stratospheric ozone depletion

Levels of Methyl Bromide ODS Emissions over Time

Swiss Progress on ODS Reductions and the Current State of Ozone Depletion

Information on Swiss Ozone Monitoring and what Progress is being made 

Transboundary pollution

Description of one transboundary pollution accord that Switzerland is a part of

Fact Sheet for Air Pollution in Switzerland and an in depth look into the pollutants and pollutors that affect Switzerland

Description of the way the CLRTAP has affected Europe as a whole and Switzerland 


Geneva Environment Network

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