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Building Resilience Through Migration in Thailand

     · 2020  ~  Patrick Sakdapolrack & Herald Sterly  ~  Migration Policy Institute

     · Uses Thailand as a critical case study of a country where migration has increased due to a number

       of climate-related factors (specifically drought, floods, and severe burning season).

     · Because 30% of the Thai workforce comprises agricultural workers, these climate-related issues

       greatly affect crop yield, which affects the economic stability of many workers and may prompt

       them to migrate.

     · Highlights the ways in which migration can be beneficial to the sending community (for example,

       a Thai worker moves to Singapore and sends money to his family in Thailand, allowing them to

       funnel money back into their crops).

Stormy Days Ahead: Climate change and migration in the Philippines and Thailand

     · 2021 ~  Alyssa Petelo  ~  Global Majority E-Journal

     · This article focuses on how climate-related events such as rising sea levels, extreme weather, and

       drought have perpetuated forced migration on populations both in Thailand and the Philippines.

     · While both of these countries are considered to be relatively low on the ratio of citizens-to-capita

       emissions globally, they face disproportionate climate-induced challenges in all aspects of life.

     · Aims to delve more deeply into the historical intricacies that have led these countries

       to experience the effects of climate change more severely.  

Migration and sustainable development in Thailand

     · 2019  ~  Ruttiya Bhula  ~  Asian Education and Development Studies

     · Primarily focused on those who migrate into Thailand from neighboring countries vs those leaving

       the country, exhibiting that migration contributes to Thailand's economy in a number of ways, namely

       due to the influx of migrant workers in Thailand's agricultural sector.

     · Maintains that climate change will lead to enhanced migration into Thailand from neighboring countries.

     · Focuses on the ways in which development may influence what is called “Sustainable Migration” by

       looking at the social and environmental factors that play into migration.

Climate change and Thailand: Impact and response

     · 2011  ~  Danny Marks  ~  Contemporary Southeast Asia

     · Because of its geographic location, the effects of climate change are more severe in Thailand and can

       lead to phenomena such as prolonged drought, which can dramatically affect other areas, such as


     · Highlights the ways in which climate change can also have effects on the tourism industry, which is a

       large and very prosperous industry for Thailand, leading to a decline in numbers. But, with the recent

       rise of natural disasters, due to climate change, the number of tourists has decreased.

     · Highlights that these climate-related issues have been so severe the government has started creating

       policies to protect against the larger ramifications of climate change, though this has proved difficult

       as the country has no centralized form of government and functions as half democracy and half monarchy.  

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