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Maggie Shealy & Jess Spear of Brandeis University contrbuted to  this page in 2021 & 2019, respectively.

General information

UAE @ Index Mundi Factbook

UAE @ Britannica

UAE @ Wikipedia

"About the UAE"

   · Embassy of the UAE in D.C. publishes this site (includes pages on the UAE government, its

     relationship to the U.S., and many other categories)

Environmental information

ND-GAIN Country Index for UAE


UAE population statistics @ GMI 

Environmental News

Environment & Sustainablity @ Emirates News Agency

    · Government-sponsored news source

Gulf news


Environment @ The National

International agreements & institutions

UAE @ International Environmental Agreements (IEA) Database Project

Multilateral Environmental Agreements Involving the UAE

   · Listed under the point person's name for that specific agreement


   · Includes sections on Country Profile, Data and Maps, Legal Instruments, and Resources

UN Food and Agriculture (FAO) Profile

World Bank Data

State of Green Finance in the UAE

   · UNEP Finance Initiative

Environmental law

Environmental law and practice in the United Arab Emirates: overview

Institutions ~ National government

UAE Government Portal

UAE Cabinet Structure Information

UAE Government Structure Information

Environment and Energy @ UAE Government Portal

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

   MoFA @ DevEx

Ministry of Climate Change and Environment

     · "[Manages] all aspects related to international and domestic climate change affairs"

Ministry of Energy and Industry

Institutions ~ Research

Emirates Centre for Energy and Environment Research (ECEER)

Environmental & Chemical Biology Research Group @ University of Sharjah

Masdar Institute

      · "University focused on advanced energy and sustainable technology"

Department of Life and Environmental Sciences @ Zayed University

Institutions ~ Nongovernmental organizations

Arab Water Academy


Emirates Environmental Group

Emirates Nature

     · In association with the World Wide Fund for Nature

Environmental Center for Arab Towns

Middle East Solar Industry Association (Mesia)

UAE Water Aid

Institutions ~ Private sector


     · Waste management company looking to convert waste to energy

Green Solutions Environmental Services

Sustainability Initiatives

Masdar City

     · Planned city in cooperation with Mubadala company

Solar Power Plant

Vision 2021 Sustainable Environment and Infrastructure



UAE Energy Plan Through 2050 (presentation slides)

Climate change

UAE NDC Registry

   · Part of the Paris Agreement

Climate Action Tracker

Plastic pollution

Plastic waste management in UAE (EcoMENA) 


UAE Water Security Strategy 2036

USA International Trade Administration: The UAE Water


Deforestation Statistics

UAE @ Global Forest Watch


Biodiversity Overview

UAE Country Profile @ Convention on Biological Diversity

Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife

International Fund for Houbara Conservation

     · Page is in Arabic

Individual Emirate information

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI)

Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi

Environmental Atlas of Abu Dhabi Emirate


Development Plans


Environment Protection Department

Ras al Khaimah

Environment Protection & Development Authority


Environment and Protected Areas Authority

United Arab Emirates

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