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Green Prophet

International organizations

ℹ️National and regional organizations working in geography and related fileds in the Middle East (AAG)

Arab states @ UNDP

Institutions & NGOs

ℹ️Directory of Environmental Organizations & Environmental Government Agencies in the Middle East


EcoPeace Middle East

Emirates Wildlife Society

Emirates Environmental Group

ECOPEACE/Middle East Environmental NGO Forum

Euro-Arab Environment Organization

Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network

Arab Forum for Environment and Development

     · Extensive list of NGOs, official government websites, selected media, research centers, international

     and regional organizations, and news and resources

Middle East and North Africa Water Resources Consortium and Technology Exchange Network

Friends of the Earth Middle East


Bibliographies & key readings

Archive of Blogs of Environmental Issues in the Middle East

Middle East Institute reports on the environment:

     Vol. I


     Vol. III

     Case study on treating greywater in Oman

     Impacts of Water Scarcity on Social Welfare of Citizens in the Middle East

     Improvement of air quality in Egypt and the Role of Natural Gas

     Water Scarcity in Egypt and Politics

     Solar Power to Help Water Use Challenges

     Qatar University and Environmental Science: Their vision for 2030

     Soil Salinity

     Innovating Ways to Face the Effects of Environmental Degradation in the Middle East

     Sustainable Development and the Challenges and Opportunities in the Middle East

     Middle East Institute and Their Page on Energy in the Middle East


Fanack Water

Bibliography: Water and Environment in the Middle East

      · A list of readings about the Countries in the Middle East

Water in Crisis - Middle East @ Water Project

     · Highlights that one shared factor of all these countries is their lack of water resources and poor water management.

The Politics of Water: Water and Conflict in the Middle East

Transborder region ~ Arabian Desert

Arabian Desert Information from the New World Encyclopedia

Arabian Desert Information from Britannica

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Arabian Desert @ World Wildlife Fund

Transborder region ~ Red Sea & Gulf of Aden

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

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Middle East, including West Asia, MENA & Arab world


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