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Contents below:

     · Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA)

       · Nature-based solutions (NBS)

         · Natural climate solutions (NCS)

           · Institutions

                 ~ International organizations & initiatives

                 ~ Research

                 ~ Alliances

                 ~ NGOs

                 ~ Companies

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Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA)


Nature-based solutions (NbS)

NbS @ Arup

NbS @ Wikipedia

Natural climate solutions (NCS)


NCS @ Nature4Climate


     · Natural Climate Solutions Accelerator Grant Program

What are Natural Climate Solutions? @ World Economic Forum

Institutions ~ International organizations (IOs) & initiatives


     Commission on Ecosystem Management 

     ENACT: Enhancing Nature-based Solutions for an Accelerated Climate Transformation

          Press release

     IUCN Global Standard for NbS

Global EbA Fund

Global Program on Nature-Based Solutions

Institutions ~ Research

Ecological Forecasting Lab @ BU

Institutions ~ Alliances

Climate and Land Use Alliance

     · “...a collaborative of foundations that believe forests and sustainable land use are an essential

       part of the global response to climate change.”

Climate Land Ambition and Rights Alliance (CLARA)

Institutions ~ NGOs

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC)

Natural Capital Coalition

     · Natural Capital Protocol

     · Natural Capital Factory [Spain]


     Natural Climate Solutions World Atlas

Natural Climate Solutions

     · "We are four people working on this project in our free time to direct public

     attention towards this issue and champion the work of others."

Nature-Based Infrastructure Global Resource Centre

Nature Based Solutions

Nature-Based Solutions Coalition

Nature-based Solutions Initiative

Nature for Climate Adaptation Initiative (NCAI)


     · “...a resource for the nature-based solutions community, creating opportunities for local, regional

      and international cooperation to maximise the impact and spread of nature-based solutions. The

      project is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme.”


Institutions ~ Companies

Nature-Based Solutions

New Leaf Climate Partners

Ecosystem management, NbS, NCS & EbA

"Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are actions that work with and enhance nature to help address societal challenges. The concept is grounded in the knowledge that healthy natural and managed ecosystems produce a diverse range of services on which human wellbeing depends. NbS is an ‘umbrella concept’ for other established nature-based approaches...."

-NbS Initiative





& Summary

NBS Guide 2.0

While this page currently focuses on EbA, NBS, and NCS, eventually, it aims

     to cover the additional (and often near-synonymous) topics of:

           · Ecosystem management (EM)

             · Nature-based climate solutions (NBCS)

               · Ecosystem-based mitigation

                 · Ecosystem-based approach to management

                   · Eco-disaster risk reduction (eco-DRR)

                     · Ecosystem process-oriented approach

                       · Green Infrastructure (GI)

                         · Integrated approach

                           · Integrated agro-e cosystem approaches

                             · Holistic approach

                               · Total ecosystem management