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General information

Critter Crossings @ FHA

Highway Wilding

     · Archived site of the Wildlife Monitoring and Research Collaborative in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

International Conference on Ecology & Transportation (ICOET)

Roads & Wildlife Portal

     · "The Roads and Wildlife Portal, a collaborative effort of the Staying Connected Initiative and Ontario

     Road Ecology Group, is a dynamic, interactive website to share information about road mitigation

     projects, guidance, designs, and studies related to maintaining and restoring connected habitats for

     fish and wildlife."

Wildlife and Roads

    · “A resource for mitigating the effects of roads on wildlife using wildlife crossings such as overpasses,

       underpasses, and crosswalks.”


Public Roads

Institutions ~ Governmental

Wildlife Crossings Program @ US Federal Highway Administration 

Institutions ~ Nongovernmental

ARC: Animal Road Crossing

     · “ARC is an international network whose mission is to identify and promote leading-

        edge solutions to improve human safety, wildlife mobility and long-term landscape

        connectivity. We do this by fostering innovation in the placement, design and

        construction of wildlife crossings. We know these are solutions that work, and we

        seek to share this knowledge to build support for safe passage.”

Global Road Map

     · "An alliance of environmental scientists, geographers, planners, and agricultural specialists who

     want to see better planning for roads." 

     · Website includes extensive information about roads.

Road Ecology Center @ UC Davis

Road ecology

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