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     · Information & resources

       · Campaigns & coalitions

         · NGOs

           · 30x30

             · Indigenous perspective

Information & resources

Designing Nature's Half: The Landscape Conservation Podcast

Campaigns & coalitions

American Nature Campaign

Campaign for Nature

     Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

     Waldron Report

          · Protecting 30% of the planet for nature: costs, benefits and economic implications. Working

               paper analysing the economic implications of the proposed 30% target for areal protection

                    in the draft post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

          · Open letter to lead authors

Nature Needs Half

     · " international coalition of scientists, conservationists, nonprofits, and public officials

          defending nature at the scale she needs to continue to function for the benefit of all life."


Half-Earth Project

     Half Earth Map


30x30 Solutions

30x30 @ Natural Resources Defense Council

30x30 @ Ocean Unite

Indigenous perspective

NGO letter on 30x30 & Indigenous Rights

     · "NGO concerns over the proposed 30% target for protected areas and absence of safeguards

          for Indigenous Peoples and local communities"

Survival International

     Big Green Lie

Global targets (30x30, Half-Earth, Nature Needs Half +)

Protecting 30% of the planet for nature