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World Energy Outlook reports

General & reference information


   · "the world’s premier energy event"

Conserve Energy Future

Energy @ Visual Capitalist

Energy Policy Tracker

   · "Track realtime data on public finance for energy around the world. As governments across the

      world continue to invest hundreds of billions in the energy system to reboot their economies,

      our analysis is expanding to cover more countries and provide a more comprehensive global

      picture. Countries are also grouped by regions, which helps to identify trends and patterns in

      their local contexts.


   · “...helps business leaders across the energy spectrum access and track policy data they need to

          advance in today’s transformative energy market.”

Global Energy Monitor (GEM)

   · “...GEM is developing a comprehensive set of tools that allow users to zoom out for summaries

       and analysis at the regional or global scale, or zoom in for background and details on any

       element of the system — coal mine, nuclear power plant, wind farm, oil extraction field, fossil

       gas pipeline, or oil tanker.”

Global Energy Review 2021

Lazard's Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis 2017

   · "The No. 1 soure for Oil & Energy News"

Our world in Data

   · From main page > click on Browse by topic > Energy and Environment > multiple energy-

       related topics.

Solutions Project

Finance & subsidies

Public Finance for Energy Database

   · "...a project of Oil Change International, and was formerly called the Shift the Subsidies Database.

      It is the only publicly available database tracking international finance for energy from more than

      one government-owned institution. We track energy finance from G20 governments’ export credit

      agencies (ECAs) and development finance institutions (DFIs), as well as the major multilateral

      development banks (MDBs)."

Energy ~ General & reference information

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