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Biosphere Reserves & World Heritage Sites @ PRFA

Green Watch @ Capital Research Center

Ron Arnold's Undue Influence

     · Defunct as of April 2021


Environmental Skeptics and Critics

Institutions from the political left

Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21

Wrong Kind of Green

Institutions from the political right

American Land Rights Association

American Policy Center

Americans for Prosperity

     · Energy page

BlueRibbon Coalition

Capital Research Center

     · InfluenceWatch

          · “Founded in 2016, Influence Watch is a project of the conservative think tank Capital Research

            Center. According to their about page, 'Capital Research Center conceived of this project after

            identifying a need for more fact-based, accurate descriptions of all of the various influencers of

            public policy issues.' In simpler terms, Influence Watch attempts to be the right-leaning counter

            to the left-leaning Sourcewatch, which profiles how and where think tanks, organizations, and

            media are funded.”*

Center For Consumer Freedom

     · From the About page: “Founded in 1996, the Center for Consumer Freedom is a nonprofit organization  

       devoted to promotingpersonal responsibility and protecting consumer choices. We believe that the con-

       sumer is King. And Queen. A growing cabal of activists has meddled in Americans’ lives in recent years.

       They include self-anointed “food police,” health campaigners, trial lawyers, personal-finance do-gooders,  

       animal-rights misanthropes, and meddling bureaucrats. Their common denominator? They all claim to  

       know “what’s best for you.” In reality, they’re eroding our basic freedoms—the freedom to buy what we  

       want, eat what we want, drink what we want, and raise our children as we see fit. When they push  

       ordinary Americans around, we’re here to push back.”

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)

Greenie Watch

Heartland Institute - Environment page

Mountain States Legal Foundation

National Center for Public Policy Research

North Western Research Institute

Pacific Legal Foundation

Post Sustainability Institute

Property Rights Foundation of America

Sovereignty International

State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF)

     ESG education

Sustainable Developement Network (SDN)

     · No current easily findable online presence

     · Sourcewatch entry

          · "...a coalition formed in 2001, just in time for the world summit on sustainable development, to back the pro-industry agenda."

Key resources:

Want to know more about any of the institutions or sources listed on this page? Most of them are described in detail at Sourcewatch, a key resource maintained by the Center for Media and Democracy.

On climate change, a key source of information on misinformation is

Environmental backlash & critics

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