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Institutions & initiatives

Center for Earth Ethics

Center for Environmental Philosophy

Center for Humans & Nature

Dark Ecology Network


     · " emerging community of activists, teachers, writers, scientists, artists, and meditators

       who use contemplative tools and insights to support and energize our environmental activism."

Ecocentric Alliance

Eco-Justice Project @ Split This Rock

Forum on Religion & Ecology at Yale

Gaian Way

International Association for Environmental Philosophy

International Society for Environmental Ethics

Philosophers for Sustainability


Climate matters @ American Philosophical Association (APA) blog


     Environmental Ethics

Green Thinkers

     · "...a book club and discussion group that has the vision to bring people together from all walks of

       life to discuss the latest sustainability thinking on a wide range of topics. We meet in Newcastle

       upon Tyne, but are keen to encourage similar groups to be established elsewhere.

     · "The work and philosophy of Daniel Quinn."


ℹ️Journals @ ISEE

Environmental Ethics

Environmental Philosophy

Ethics & International Affairs   

     Environment, climate change, sustainability

Ethics & the Environment Journal

Ethics, Policy & Environment

Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics

Environmental ethics, philosophy & policy

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