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Active Hope

A matter of degrees

     · “Give up your climate guilt. Sharpen your curiosity.... With the help of dozens of climate leaders, we

       tell stories of bold solutions and groundbreaking campaigns, stories of misdeeds and corruption and

       efforts to stop them, and stories of people doing their best to be a part of the solution. Join us as we

       make sense of big climate questions.”

Climate & Mind

Ecological Grief [Wikipedia]

Environmental psychology @ Wikipedia

Existential Toolkit

     · “A Growing Hub of Resources for Climate Justice Educators: With feelings of climate anxiety and

       eco-grief on the rise, educators across disciplines need resources to help students develop the

       emotional resilience to stay engaged in the work of climate justice. This toolkit helps educators

       and students navigate the long emergency ahead without becoming overwhelmed by despair.

       The resources in this project have been crowdsourced from an international community of scholars,

       educators, and climate justice leaders focused on addressing the emotional impact of climate


Inner transition @ Transition Network

Radical Hope Syllabus

Reconnection: Meeting the Climate Crisis Inside Out @ Mindfulness Initiative

Wellbeing @ Extinction Rebellion

What is environmental psychology @ APS

What is environmental psychology? @

Periodicals, blogs & podcasts     

Climate Change and Happiness podcast

Climate change and happiness

Eco-anxiety and hope

Environment @ Psychology Today

Facing it

Gen Dread

Journal of Environmental Psychology


Ecotypes: Exploring environmental ideas

     · “EcoTypes offers a free, anonymous survey, customized survey report, and online learning resources

       to explore our environmental worldviews, and how engagement over our differing EcoTypes may be

       a source of creativity vs. conflict. As of 2023, over 10,000 participants have completed the EcoTypes


Future of Conservation survey


American Psychological Association

     Climate change

          Addressing the climate crisis: An action plan for psychologists (2022)

     Environment and population

Association of Nature & Forest Therapy (ANFT)

Climate Awakening

Climate Hope

Climate Mental Health Network

Climate Psychiatry Alliance

Climate Psychologists

Climate Psychology Alliance

Council on the Uncertain Human Future

EcoPsychology Initiative

Global Wellness Institute

Good Grief Network

Nuns & Nones Land Justice Project

Psychologists 4 Future & Psychotherapists 4 Future

Psychology for a Safe Climate (PSC)


Resilience Project

The Resilient Activist

Ecotherapy & nature therapy

Colorado Ecotherapy Institute

Earthbody Institute

EcoTherapy Heals

Ecotherapy/Nature therapy @ GoodTherapy

What is nature therapy? @ charlie health

Forest health, including forest bathing

Forest bathing @ Global Wellness Institute

Arbor Day Foundation

     Tree Campus Healthcare

Select readings in climate anxiety

     · In reverse chronological order.

Climate psychology: A matter of life and death

     · 2022  ~  Wendy Hollway, Paul Hoggett, Chris Robertson, Sally Weintrobe  ~  Phoenix Publishing House

     · Uses a transdisciplinary mix of approaches instead of a psychology that focuses on individual behavior change

     · Helpful for mental health professional working to support those struggling with the fear climate change

Racial disparities in climate change-related health effects in the United States

     · 2022  ~  Alique G. Berberian ~  Current Environmental Health Reports

     · The impacts of climate change often afflict communities that are marginalized due to race; not

       everybody experiences climate change-related mental health effects at the same levels.

     · Rising temperatures, flooding, hurricanes, and wildfires all lead to increased levels of stress for

       the marginalized communities who are already facing the brunt of the disasters of climate change.

The psychology of climate anxiety

     · 2021  ~  Joseph Dodds  ~  BJPsych Bulletin

     · The bystander effect leaves many people avoiding the issues of climate change, which causes more stress on people with climate anxiety.

     · People deny climate change as a result of their own internalized climate anxiety.

Ecological grief and anxiety: the start of a healthy response to climate change?

     · 2020  ~  Ashlee Consolo ~  Lancet Planetary Health  

     · Health professionals need to be trained to help patients with the relatively new and rapidly growing issue of climate anxiety.

     · It is important for families to help their children cope with their climate anxiety since youth are the most likely to experience it.

A field guide to climate anxiety: How to keep your cool on a warming planet

     · 2020  ~  Sarah Jaquette Ray  ~  University of California Press

     · Aimed towards the younger generation of climate activists

     · Supported by author's experience leading and teaching college environmental studies for a decade

     · Addresses eco-guilt and ways to combat the struggle younger activists often face

Climate anxiety: Psychological responses to climate change

     · 2020  ~  Susan Clayton  ~  Journal of Anxiety Disorders

     · Provides evidence and describes research on climate change's significant impact on psychological wellbeing

     · Discusses the important distinction between adaptive and maladaptive levels of anxiety

     · Calls for a societal response that is necessary to address climate change and suggests recommendations

Higher temperature increase suicide rates in the United States and Mexico

     · 2018  ~  Marshall Burke  ~  Nature

     · Seasonal patterns of suicide rates since the nineteenth century suggests that as the global

       temperature warms quickly, the rate of suicides will increase as well.  

     · As the temperatures get warmer, monitoring people's language and mindset on social media is

       crucial for understanding their risk of suicidal ideation; it has been proven that high air temperature

       can alter the brain's ability to function properly.

The psychological impacts of the climate crisis: A call to action

     · 2018  ~  Lise Van Susteren  ~  BJPsych Bulletin

     · Editorial that brings attention to the direness of and need to address climate anxiety.

     · Climate anxiety is not a theory but something that can be measured.

Emotional resiliency in the era of climate change: A clinician's guide

     · 2017  ~  Leslie Davenport  ~  Jessica Kingsley Publishers

     · Presents comprehensive theory, strategies, and resources for addressing key clinical themes

       specific to climate change's profound negative impact on mental health

     · Explores the psychological underpinnings that have contributed to the current global crisis

       and emphasizes the importance of developing resilience

     · Recommends strategies including guided imagery, mindful presence techniques, and interventions

       that draw on ecopsychology, wisdom traditions, earth-based indigenous practices, and positive psychology

Ecotherapy: Theory, research and practice

     · 2016  ~  Martin Jordan, Joe Hinds  ~  Bloomsbury Academic

     · Academic and engaging introduction for those interested in counseling and psychotherapy in the realm of ecotherapy

     · Provides examination of theoretical perspectives, research, and multiple practice examples

     · Includes authors' first-hand experiences of the positive psychological effects of having contact with nature

Environmental psychology & climate anxiety+

This page also covers eco-anxiety, ecotherapy, nature therapy & forest bathing.

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