A  web·guide to sustainable development, conservation & the glocal environment



General information

An introduction to Green Politics @ Green World

     · focus on why green politics is about more than the environment

Four Pillars of Green Politics @ Australian Greens

          1. Ecological wisdom

          2. Social Justice

          3. Grassroots democracy

          4. Non-violence

Research institutions

European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)

     Research Network on Energy Politics, Policy, and Governance

     Standing Group on Environmental Politics

     The Loop

          Climate change

Green Parties

Global Greens

     · partnership of green parties and political movements

     · See GeoGuide page to find individual country's Green Party pages (includes Tasmania (Australia), Finland, Germany, New Zealand, UK, USA).

History of Green politics

Brief History of Green Parties

     · Green parties quickly grew throughout the 1980s. Visit this website for more information

Green Politics Timeline

1972 First Green Party (Tasmania, Australia)

1973 First national Green parties founded (German Greens)

2004 First green politician to lead a country (Indulis Emsis, Latvia PM)

2012 Second green politician to lead a country (Alexander Van Bellin, Austria)


European Center for Populism Studies (ECPS)

     Environment & Climate

Ethan Sternberg of Brandeis University developed this page in 2018.

Environmental politics & green parties

Contents of this page:

     · General information

       · Research institutions

         · Green parties

           · History of green politics

             · Green politics timeline

               · Populism

Also see:

     · Countries A>Z page for information on country-specific environmental politics.

        · Shortcut to USA ~ Environmental & climate change politics page.

Green Politics: Political ideology that aims to create a sustainable society rooted in environmentalism,

     nonviolence, social justice and grassroots democracy. Note that Green Politics doesn't only focus on

     environmental issues it also focuses on peace movements, feminism, economic justice civil liberties,

     social justice, nonviolence, ending poverty, and progressivism.