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Climate Pipeline Project @ Climate Solutions Lab, Watson Institute, Brown University

Political Scientists for Sustainability

GEP emailing lists ("listservs")

Gep-Ed Mailing list

     · Description from ISA-ESS: "This list provides a forum for discussing substantive and pedagogical issues

     related to the teaching of global environmental politics (GEP) at the undergraduate and graduate level.  

     The list was initially organized to provide a place for college and university teachers of GEP to compare

     notes and explore alternative curricular and pedagogical approaches."

     · Archives

Energy and Social Science Network (EASSN)

     · "This list exists to discuss how social and technical issues related to both energy production and

     consumption interact. It is open to people from any discipline, country, region, or level of experience,

     and also not limited to any particular technology, sector, or topic."

EnvironmentalGovernance mailing list


Brown University's Watson Institute

     Climate Solutions Lab

          Climate Syllabus Bank

GEP online education & lectures

Anthropology Mini Lectures: A collective resource for online teaching in the time of COVID19

Future Earth Ireland

International Environmental Politics Course videos ~ Ron Mitchell

Digital Learning for Sustainable Development (


Education & teaching