A  web·guide to sustainable development, conservation & the glocal environment



Key topics in Global Environmental Politics (GEP)

International governance, international environmental regimes & summitry

   Sustainable development

      IPAT: Population, affluence & technology (& poverty & consumption)

         Environmental justice

            Ecosystem approach

               International trade

                  Chemicals & waste management & sustainable materials management (SMM)


                        Transboundary air pollution

                           Stratospheric ozone depletion

                              Climate change

                                 Transboundary watercourses

                                    Oceans, seas & the marine environment

                                       Marine fisheries


                                             Biomes (Forests, Wetlands, Mountains, Deserts, etc.)

                                                Land use



                                                         Area-based conservation


                                                               Endangered species

                                                                  Migratory species