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UN Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO)

FAO home page

     Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing

          International Plan of Action to Prevent, Deter, and Eliminate IUU Fishing (IPOA-IUU)

     Agreement on Port State Measures (PSMA)

          · Full title: Agreement on Port State Measures to Prevent, Deter and Eliminate Illegal, Unreported

              and Unregulated Fishing (2016)

     Global Record of Fishing Vessels, Refrigerated Transport Vessels and Supply Vessels

     Voluntary Guidelines for Catch Documentation Schemes

     Guidelines for the Marking of Fishing Gear

     Fisheries and Aquaculture Department

          · Blue Growth Initiative

          · State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture

     Fisheries statistics and information

     GLOBEFISH - Information and Analysis on World Fish Trade

     State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture (Sofia report):

1995 United Nations Fish Stocks Agreement (UNFSA)

· Full title: Agreement for the Implementation of the Provisions of the United Nations Convention

  on the Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982 relating to the Conservation and Management of

  Straddling Fish Stocks and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks

· Entered into force 11 December 2001

1995 UN Fish Stocks Agreement

UNFSA @ UN Atlas of the Oceans



UNFSA @ Wikipedia

Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs)

     & Regional Fisheries Bodies (RFBs)

Regional Fishery Bodies @ FAO

     RFBs map viewer

          · This map-based database contains links to most global RFBs and RFMOs.

          · For an alphabetical listing of RFBs (by acronym), see the pull-down menu; here's a screenshot:

Regional Fishery Body Secretariats Network (RSN)

What is a Regional Fishery Management Organization?

     · A very helpful overview from Pew

Research institutions

Fisheries and aquaculture research institutes @ Wikipedia

Sea Around Us

     · "...a research initiative at The University of British Columbia (located at the Institute for the

          Oceans and Fisheries, formerly Fisheries Centre) that assesses the impact of fisheries on the

          marine ecosystems of the world, and offers mitigating solutions to a range of stakeholders."


Coalition for Fair Fisheries Arrangements (CFFA)

Global Seafood Alliance (GSA)


Better Seafood Board

EcoGourmet: Fishing for change


     · “...a registered 501(c)(3) environmental nonprofit founded in 2008 that is dedicated to helping

          businesses advance their seafood sustainability efforts on their own."

International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

International Seafood Sustainability Foundation

Marine Fish Conservation Network

Marine Stewardship Council

     Fisheries Standard

     Ocean Stewardship Fund

     Track a Fishery

Smart Catch

     · "A new sustainable seafood program created with chefs for chefs to recognize restaurants

          working toward ensuring an abundant supply of seafood for generations to come."

Stop Funding Overfishing

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

     · "...reshaping the world of corporate responsibility in the seafood industry through the creation

           of powerful information tools and a methodology that enables companies to directly engage

          with suppliers of natural resources."


American Fisheries Society (AFS)

Association for Professional Observers (APO)

Private sector & industry associations

Copper Valley Fish Collective (Alaska)

Fisheries Survival Fund

National Fisheries Institute


Seafood Industry Research Fund


Super Trawlers

World Surf League - PURE

Fisheries institutions

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