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     · Environmental calendars of upcoming events

       · Climate change calendars of upcoming events

         · Event-focused institutions


     · Upcoming (& ongoing) events

       · Recurring events & annual event listings

Environmental calendars of upcoming events

Ecosystems, Environment & Sustainable Development @ COMS

Environmental Sciences Conferences




Calendar of events @ ILCN

UNEP Current and upcoming events

Climate change calendars of upcoming events

Climate change calendar @ ICCIP

Climate Uplift

International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP)

Regional Climate Weeks @ UNFCCC

Rutgers Climate Institute Calendar

Annual event listings

Calendar of global environmental events @ Global Stewards

Environment Calendar @ EduGreen

List of environmental dates @ Wikipedia

Event-focused institutions

     International Network


     · "...a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on environmental education

     and awareness that includes: EXPO-Earthx2019 – the world’s largest

     environmental experience, EarthxConference a series of conferences that

     deal with every major issue facing our environment today, EarthxFilm

     a festival that uses the power of film and emerging media to raise

     awareness of environmental and social global issues, and EarthxEDU, an

     initiative that provides teachers and students with resources and educational

     experiences for a more sustainable environment."

Calendars & event listings


Previous calendar listings are available for 2020-21, 2019 & 2017-18.

Earlier iterations of posted “upcoming” events at the homepage. This was abandoned partially in response to the chaos of COVID-19, but mostly due to the fact that there are a cornucopia of environmental event calendars on the web (many listed below).