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Dedicated environmental, climate change & energy news sources

Air Quality News

Bloomberg Environment & Energy Report


Canary Media

     · “Clean energy journalism for a cooler tomorrow”

Carbon Brief

Carbon Pulse

     · “News and intelligence on carbon markets, greenhouse gas pricing, and climate policy”

     · Requires subscription

Center for Climate Reporting


Circle of Blue News

Civil Eats

Clean Energy Wire

     · “ independent non-profit, non-partisan service for journalists and the interested public. We are

     committed to providing and supporting quality journalism about the energy transition in Germany."


Climate & Capital Media

Climate Change Business Journal

Climate Home News

     · “...aims to be the go-to media outlet for a global community of doers and thinkers seeking to  

       understand the political, social and economic drivers of the climate crisis and climate action.”

Climate Liability News

Climate Policy Observer


ClimateWire @ E&E News

Down to Earth

Drilled News

E&E News

      · Requires subscription


     E&E Daily

     E&E News PM



Earth First! Journal

Earth Times

Earth Touch News Network (EO)

Earther @ Gizmodo



ecoRI News


     · “...a long-time leader in environmental news. Founded in 2005 as an Ohio-based environmental

       newspaper, today we are a digital platform still dedicated to publishing quality, science-based

       content on environmental issues, causes, and solutions. While we’ve grown from a grassroots

       newspaper of 80,000 print copies to a site with a digital audience of more than two million  

       monthly readers, we are still committed to our founding principle: creating a sustainable future.”


Energy Mix

   · “…published by Energy Mix Productions Inc., a Canadian non-profit that promotes community

     awareness of, engagement in, and action on climate change, energy, and post-carbon solutions.

     Each week, we scan up to 1,000 news headlines to find the groundbreaking, provocative,

     hopeful, or sobering stories that will help you make sense of a complex, fast-moving issue."

Energy Monitor

   · “Aimed at business, policy leaders and regulators, we are a non-partisan voice examining the politics

       and economics behind the move away from fossil fuels and the embrace of renewables and climate

       neutrality. The goal of our journalists and expert writers is to help you navigate the energy transition,

       explaining and analysing net zero policies, sustainable finance and climate technologies around the


Energy News Network

Energy Review

EnergyWire @ E&E News


     · "...created in 1991 by Josh Knauer, while he was a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University. Since

     that time, EnviroLink has grown from a simple mailing list of 20 student activists to become one

     of the world’s largest environmental information clearinghouses. In addition to being an  

     information resource, EnviroLink used to provide thousands of non·profit organizations in the  

     environmental and animal rights communities with free internet services.”

Environmental Finance

     · " online news and analysis service established in 1999 to report on sustainable investment,

       green finance and the people and companies active in environmental markets.”

Environmental Health News

Environmental Law Reporter

Environmental News Network

Eyes on the Ties

Forests News

Green Industry Platform

Green Matters

Green Queen


Greentech Media

Greenwire @ E&E News


     · A go·to site for its thoughtfulness, good writing, and humorous take on the demise of civilization and

       the natural world.


   · "Accountability journalism for the climate crisis."




     · "...redefining business journalism around social and environmental value. We work to enable a more

      just, equitable and sustainable world."


Inside Climate News

JWN Energy


Living on Earth: NPR's Environmental News Show


     News site

     Organization site

          · Since 1999, "Mongabay has grown into the world’s most popular rainforest information site and

            a well·known source of environmental news reporting and analysis."

National Parks Traveler

     · ”...the world's top-rated, editorially independent, nonprofit media organization dedicated to covering

       national parks and protected areas on a daily basis. The Traveler's journalists work to inform the general

       public of environmental, scientific, and newsworthy developments surrounding, involving, and affecting

       these areas and their governing bodies.”

Nature World News

Nexus Media News

ONE: Only Natural Energy

Our Environment

     · Not updated as of 2019

Peace & Planet News

RealClearEnergy (RCE)

Renewable Energy World

     · “We publish news, research, and analysis in five broad categories: Energy, Economy, Environment,

       Food & Water, Society. The articles, reports, and analyses on explore the implications

       of these issues across broad areas including geopolitics, ecology, population, finance, urban design,

       health, and even religious and gender issues.”


Streetsblog USA

Sustainability Times

Sustainable Views

     · Requires subscription

     · "Sustainable Views is a service for finance and business professionals from the Financial Times Group.

       It aims to be the authoritative source of information on developments in sustainability policy and

       regulation, the impact of environmental, social and governance factors on capital markets, and the

       transition to a green and just economy.”

Transition Studies


     · "...We provide original analysis on the latest happenings in the waste industry. Waste Dive is a

       leading industry publication..."

Wildlife News, The

Wings Environmental News

World Animal News

WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin

Yale Climate Connections

International news agencies

Associated Press

     Climate & Environment

Inter Press Service (IPS)



     Carbon markets



     Sustainable business

Mainstream media outlets

Al Jazeera


     Climate change

BBC News


     Science & Environment

     Future Planet


     Climate changed

Boston Globe

     Into the red


     Call to Earth


     Energy + Environment

     Global energy challenge

Deutsche Welle (DW)



     Our latest coverage of climate change

     The Climate Issue

          · Requires subscription


     Global warming & climate change


Financial Times

     Climate Capital

     Moral Money

Fox News

     Global Warming



     Climate change news

     International environmental news

     US environmental news

Gulf News

Huffington Post

     Climate change news


     This New World

MarketplaceHow we survive [series]

National GeographicEnvironment News


     Climate in Crisis







          Sustainable Energy

New York Times

     Climate Fwd newsletter

     Global warming & climate change



     Arizona PBS

          Cronkite News


Times of India


Washington Post



     Climate solutions


Alternative media outlets



Actuarial News



Axios Energy

Black Agenda ReportNature & the environment

BNN BreakingEnvironmental Science

Bold InsightsEnergy

Bureau of Investigative Journalism



CIFORForests News


Common Dreams Climate

Cosmos Climate

ConversationEnvironment + Energy

CounterCurrentsClimate change


Daily Caller Energy

Daily Signal Energy

     · Sponsored by the Heritage Foundation





     Science & Environment


     · Focus on Asia·Pacific.

EIN Presswire

     Agriculture, Farming & Forestry Industry

     Chemical Industry

     Energy Industry


     Mining Industry

     Waste Management


Fair Observer


Foreign Policy in Focus



     Food & Farm


     Special reports

Future Crunch

Global CitizenEnvironment

Global NewsEnvironment Canada

Global VoicesEnvironment

Good News NetworkGood Earth

GoverningInfrastructure & environment

iNews Environment

Indianz.comEnvironmental issues in Indian country

Insurance Journal Climate change news


Inter Press ServiceEnvironment

     · "News and views from the Global South."

JDSupraEnvironmental Updates

JSTOR Daily → Sustainability & Environment

Massive ScienceClimactic change

McClatchy DCEnvironment

MediumClimate change

Moscow TimesClimate

Multiple Use Information Resource Network (MUIRNet·News)

Nation SwellEnvironment

National Catholic Reporter


Natural Resources News Service

News & GutsEnvironment

Open SecretsIssue profiles


Pacific StandardEnvironment



     Energy and climate

     Energy & environment

Progress Network


Project Syndicate

    Climate Justice



Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

     Connnected coastlines

     Environment & climate change



     Land rights & property

     Nuclear threats




Real News NetworkEnvironment


RTL TodayScience & Environment

ThinkProgress Climate

TVO Climate Watch

UN News Climate change

VoxEnergy & Environment

Waging Nonviolence

Wire [India]


Women's Media Center (WMC)Climate

World Economic Forum Climate change Nature

International organization news websites

International Renewable Energy AgencyNewsroom

International Union for the Conservation of Nature & Natural Resources (IUCN)All news

Organization for Economic Cooperation & DevelopmentOECD Development Matters

UN Environment Programme →  News & stories


Governmental news sources

China Global Television Network (CGTN)

     · Nature

     · CGTN Wikipedia entry

NASA climate change news

Science news sources

Chemistry World




Eos [AGU]

     Climate change

     Natural resources

     Global change


Live SciencePlanet Earth

Massive Science

     · Surviving the Anthropocene

     · Food for thought     

     · Climactic change


New ScientistEnvironment




Science Daily

     · In the cross-screen strip just below the header, hover over "Enviro" for a menu of

        environmental topics.

     · Top environment news

     · Climate News


     · Earth

     · Life

ScientistEcology & Environment


     · "Since 2008, Singularity Hub has offered daily news coverage, feature articles, analysis, and

       insights on key breakthroughs and future trends in exponential technologies as well as highlighting

       how they’re being leveraged for social impact and utilized to tackle the world’s grand challenges.”

NGO news sources

Center for Biological Diversity (CBD)Revelator     

Climate InstituteClimate News

Greenpeace UKUnearthed

International Institute for Sustainable DevelopmentNews

Wildlife SocietyWildlife News

Private sector & industry·focused media outlets


Business Strategy and the Environment


Capital & MainEnvironment  

The DrumSustainability


Environmental Finance

Farm Journal News



Global Risk InsightsNatural resources & energy

Green Industry Platform


     · “...a media and events company that accelerates the just transition to a clean economy. Through

       events that galvanize, stories that amplify, peer networks that bond and industry-leading analysis,

       we define markets and advance opportunities at the intersection of business, technology and

       sustainability....GreenBiz recognizes the inextricable link between climate change and social

       change and works across its platforms to connect the dots between equity, inclusion and

       sustainability by centering justice as a cornerstone of a clean economy. We recognize the power of

       our platform and actively work to be intersectional in our content by prioritizing Black, Indigenous

       and people of color (BIPOC) across our conference programs and editorial coverage.” 


     · “...redefining business journalism around social and environmental value. We work to enable

     a more just, equitable and sustainable world."

S&P Global


     Oil markets

Sustainable businesses @ The Balance

Tharawat Magazine

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)News & Insights

Non-English language environmental news sources

El Planeta

Defunct news sources


     · Appears to have stopped publishing stories in 2020

Eco Warrior Princess

     · Appears to have stopped publishing stories in 2021

Mother Nature Network

     · Acquired by


Climate change & energy highlighted

While the vast majority of news sources listed on this page address the challenge of climate change & energy in some way, those with a core focus on climate change & energy are  highlighted in yellow.

This page provides links to 200+ news sources covering sustainability, conservation,and the environment.

“Local news”

Place-based news sources can generally be found starting at:

   · World, poles & oceans hub

     · Eastern Hemisphere hub

       · Western Hemisphere hub

         · Countries A>Z

However, some news sources with geographic names (e.g., New York Times) are international in scope and are found on this page (mostly in “Mainstream media outlets”).