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In addition to the Climate change pages (listed to left),

more climate change resources are available

on the following pages:

· Periodicals*

  · Documentary films*

    · NGOs*

      · Journalism, media & press*

        · International, environmental & climate security

          · Climate change @ Human rights & environmental rights

            · Refugees, migrants & IDPs

              · Climate change @ Global public health            

                · Env'l and climate indicators & risk assessment

                  · Env'l psychology, climate anxiety & nature therapy

                    · Environment, religion & spirituality*

                      · Environmental & climate history

                        · Oceans & climate change

                          · Sea level rise & coastal change

                            · Forests & climate change

                              · Agriculture & climate change

                                · Urban climate change

                                  · Ecosystem approach (inc. NbS, NCS & EbA)

                                    · Climate change & biodiversity

                                      · Corals & coral reefs

For place-based climate change information, start at:

          · Continental geography & transboundary regions

            · Countries A>Z

              · USA page on climate change

* climate change resources on

   these pages are highlighted


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Reference hub


     Calendars & event listings

          Upcoming (& ongoing) events

          Recurring events & annual event listings


          Academic journals A→K

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     General reference (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.)


     Global & regional environmental assessment reports

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     Audio-visual & multimedia

          Environmental & climate documentaries ~ Info

          Environmental & climate documentaries ~ Listing

     Opportunities, internships, employment, etc.    


World, poles & ocean geography hub

     Earth information, maps & Geospatial information

     Polar regions & the cryosphere



     Atlantic Ocean & contiguous seas

     Indian Ocean & contiguous seas

     Pacific Ocean, Oceania & contiguous seas


Eastern Hemisphere hub

     General information


          European institutions ~ European Union (EU)

          European institutions ~ Non-EU

          Transboundary regions

     Mediterranean region

     Middle East & North Africa


          African Institutions

          Transboundary regions


          Transboundary regions


Western Hemisphere hub

     General information

     North America


               Yellowstone to Yukon

               Great Lakes

               Appalachia, Appalachian Mountains, Appalachian Trail & Acadia


               Sonoran Desert

     Latin America

     Central America


     South America


Countries-Nations-States hub

     Information & data sources

     Subnational governments

           · e.g., states, provinces, counties, cities, municipalities, towns, villages, etc.

     Countries A>Z

           · Most of the world's 195+ countries are listed on this page, many (eventually all) with a link

             to a focused country page. The USA (below) is the only country with multiple subpages.

           United States of America (USA) ~ Main page

               Law and legislative & judicial branches

               Executive branch

               Environmental politics

               Climate change

               Marine issues


               Land use & land conservation




                    South & Southeast


                         New England

                         Chesapeake Bay



                         Greater Boston Conservation History Landscape



Actors hub

     Indigenous peoples

          Organizations ~ General

          Organizations ~ Geography

     Intergovernmental organizations

          United Nations

          International financial institutions (IFIs)

          Government-nongovernment organizations+

     Civil society

     Private sector

           · Companies & firms

           · Industry associations

           · Environmental consultancies


     Professional associations

     Journalism, press & media sector

     Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) ~ Information

           A>Z of NGOs

     Science & research sector

     Academia & higher education

          A>Z of academic institutions & programs

     Funding community (including Foundations & grantmakers)

          A>Z of funders


     Older adults



     Individuals & citizens


Global environmental politics (GEP) hub

     General information global initiatives & research guides

     Multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs), conventions & treaties

     International environmental negotiating blocks & groupings

     Institutions & initiatives


     Education & teaching

     Key GEP topics

     International security, the environment & climate change

          Human rights & environmental rights

          Trade & globalization

          Refugees, migrants & IDPs

          Transnational environmental crime (TEC) & corruption



Sustainable Development+ hub

     Sustainable development ~ General information


          UN & Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

     Consumption sustainable consumer choices

     Just Transition & Green New Deal (GND)

     Poverty, sustainability & the environment

     Population & demography

     Natural resource management

     Global public health

          Health & climate change

          Spillover & emerging pandemic threats

     Environmental disasters, emergencies & CBRN events





Environment hub

     Environmental science

          Environmental accounting systems (eg, alternatives to GDP/GNP)

          Environmental & climate indicators and risk

          Environmental threat assessment

          Citizen science

     Environmental ethics, philosophy & policy

     Environmental education & communications

     Environmental justice (EJ), environmental racism & JEDI

     Environmental activism & advocacy

     Environmental & climate history

           Master Environmental timeline

     Environmental humanities

          Environment, religion & spirituality

          Env'l psychology, nature therapy & climate change anxiety

          Environmental arts & literature

     Environmental law & “rights of nature”

     Environmental politics & green parties

     Environmental & ecological economics


          Environmental finance

          Ecolabelling & environmental certification

     Awards, prizes & contests

     Environmental critics & backlash


Sustainable materials management (SMM) hub

     Solid waste management & recycling

     Hazardous materials & waste


     Plastic pollution

     Textiles, apparel & clothing


Energy hub

     Energy A>Z

     General & reference information

     Energy institutions

     Energy conservation, consumption, efficiency & savings

     Renewable energy

          Solar energy



     Fossil Fuels


Climate change hub

     Climate A>Z


     Climate science & information

          Science institutions     

          Key climate science assessments & reports

          Greenhouse gases (GHGs)

          Modeling, mapping, scenario planning +

          Carbon accounting, tracking & calculators


          Communications & simulations

          Books & bibliographies


          Extreme weather & flooding


          Climate change & the arts, including CliFi



          Climate Justice

               Climate activism & advocacy

               Divestment & re/investment

          Diplomacy & negotiations


                    Online guides to COP-28

               Country emissions & NDCs

          Denialism, backlash, etc.



               Climate finance

               Carbon pricing (taxes, markets & ETSs)

               Carbon offsets & net zero emissions (NZE)

               Carbon sequestration (including CCS & CDR)

               Geoengineering & climate intervention

          Adaptation & resilience

          Loss & damage


Atmosphere hub

     Air pollution


          Transboundary air pollution (TBAP) in Europe

          TBAP in Asia

     Stratospheric ozone depletion 


Freshwater hub

     General freshwater information     


     Waterbody types

     Transborder watercourses & international water disputes


Marine, oceanic & regional seas environment hub

     General information ~ Marine environment


          United Nations & UNCLOS

     UNEP Regional Seas Programme

     Islands & small island states (SIS)



     Marine pollution

     Oceans & climate change

          Ocean acidification

          Sea level rise (SLR) & coastal impact

Biomes hub

     Biome & ecosystem classification




               Forest institutions

               Forests & climate change (including REDD+)

               Forest fire & wildfires


     Subterranean environment & caves

Land use hub

     Land governance, rights, tenure & SES

          The commons & the “global commons

     Land degradation & desertification

     Mining & resource extraction

     Agriculture & food

          Agriculture institutions

          Agriculture & climate change

     Urban areas, cities, towns, suburbs & exurbs

          Urban climate change

          Urban biodiversity & land use

     Infrastructure, buildings and the built environment


Ecosystem approach & AbC hub

     Ecosystem approach, including EM, NbS, NCS & EbA

    Ecosystem services (ES) & nature's contributions to people (NCPs)

     Rewilding & restoration ecology

     Protected areas (PAs)

     Community-based conservation (CBC) & OECMs

     Private & nongovernmental land conservation

     Transborder conservation

     Landscape connectivity & corridors

          Road ecology

     Global targets, including 30x30, Half-Earth & Nature Needs Half


Biodiversity conservation hub

     Biodiversity A>Z


     Biodiversity science & ecology

     Endangered species & extinction

     Threats to biodiversity

         Climate change & biodiversity

         Wildlife trafficking, trade & poaching

         Invasive species

         Artificial light at night (ALAN) & light pollution


     Conservation finance

     Sustainable use

          Hunting & angling community

     Migratory species & animal migration

          Convention on Migratory Species (CMS)

          Timeline of international agreements

          Migratory aquatic species

          Migratory birds

     Genetic resources, bioprospecting & ABS

     Biotechnology, GMOs & LMOs

     Ex situ conservation

     Animal rights


Life & taxa hub

     Taxonomy, systematics & biogeography

     Main listing


          Plant taxa, including cultivated & crop species, varieties & breeds

     Aquatic life

          Freshwater life

          Diadromous life

          Marine life

               Coral & coral reefs


               Marine mammals


     Arthropoda (invertebrates)

          Monarch Butterfly








          Short-spined Peruvian mongoose

Earth, Wind & Fire